Confessions of a Girl Gamer: I Hate Mandatory Tutorials

NoBSGamers writes: "A few days ago I tried out the level builder on Little Big Planet.  At the onset the prospect of creating my own world of traps was exciting.  Then there was a tutorial, and another, and another...."

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edgeofblade4070d ago

Interesting idea, but do you really think you could understand the extreme width and depth of the LBP system without some guidance? The design of the editor made it a necessity.

- Ghost of Sparta -4069d ago

Agreed. Plus, you get a trophy for finishing each tutorial I think.

Nitrowolf24070d ago

i have to admit, for most games that have them mandatory i hate. The thing i like about LBP tut i that you unlock a ton of items by doing them.

Dead_Cell4069d ago

It needed a tutorial,kinda like the complicated fighting game that is UFC.
Only annoys me when they put them on first person shooters.

HBK6194069d ago

LBP is a tough one, without the tutorials you really would be lost amongst the amazing depth that the games creation can offer, but with them you do tend to lose focus a bit and end up forgetting half of it by the time you have finished all of the tutorials(Or at least that's what I did).

I do think though that LBP makes the tutorials a lot more fun that some other games do, Stephen Fry and the unlocking of items do add to the fun of having to sit through a tutorial.

Sure it would be good if they weren't always mandatory, but then again, I'd rather be able to know everything straight up from tutorials than get to a point where I don't know what to do, have to quit what I'm doing, go watch the tutorial, then go back to what I was doing, just more convenient(IMHO).

Hallucinate4069d ago

this article will go to like 1000 degrees because it has 'girl' in the headliine