"You will be blown away by Splinter Cell: Conviction" - Ubi Dev

Ubisoft's community developer "Ubirazz" posted some new information about Splinter cell: Conviction. The dev expect us to blown away when we see the game again.

"Some ideas worked, some didn't. Some things evolved into entirely new things and some aspects we created were perfect the first time around."

"When you see the game again your questions will definitely be answered and we believe you will be blown away!"

"Keep your ears open. You'll be hearing from us soon."

Click the link for the complete statements and information.

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Mu5afir4062d ago

Yeah, let's hope we get to see actual game play elements this time around. The game looks very promising, and could develop into something great.

solidt124062d ago

This game better be good. The delay has me worried.

talltony4062d ago

shows me something I havent ever seen before I am PHSYCHED!

GameGambits4062d ago

As far as competition goes Sam Fisher has to take on Old Snake, because MGS4's stealth action this generation is through the roof. I still play the online everyday, but I'm still open to the new Sam Fisher game taking the crown from MGS4 in both SP and MP aspect.

Graphics of course will be impossible to beat, but if the presentation, dialogue, story, controls, options, and online can do more than MGS4 did then it can at the very least tie it in epicness.

I know most people either like Splinter Cell or like MGS, but I'm an eager fan of both. They both offer something different, but also similar in their respective approaches to a story driven game.

I can't wait to be blown away. :)

edgeofblade4062d ago

"Graphics of course will be impossible to beat"

Really...what if they aren't impossible to beat?

II Necroplasm II4062d ago

Hope there will be a gameplay blowout soon with tons of gameplay.

zoneofenders4062d ago

after AC, FC2 and prince of persia, i am not sure about UBI anymore...

ShabzS4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

baaaaaack ...

Edit: graphics are still running on unreal right?... thats what ubi uses for splinter cell games... i dont see why it would be different this time around

solidsnakus4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

yo duchebags!! the new splintercell trailer is online. just went up like 10 mins ago.

looks like sam is going back to the US to take care of bidness :) thank god its not all in malta that woulda sucked.

4062d ago
GCNSeanFoster4062d ago

I totally forgot about this game. I am guessing we will see more of it at E3. Also guess it is still a 360 exclusive although things always change in this business.

I did not murder him4062d ago

Sure it's nice to see so many PS3 fans care about this game's success. On topic I can't wait for this game anyways Splinter cell games have always been graphical monsters.

TheRealSpy024062d ago

The Dunia engine is one of the most impressive engines i've ever seen. Second only to Cry Engine 2. Ubisoft has always pushed the boundaries.

kewlkat0074062d ago

You actually play MGS online...

MGS4 single player was good but bragging about it's online is a different story. Give me a break.

zoneofenders4062d ago

I am not worried about the graphics. apprantly AC was very beautiful, and FAR CRY2 has some very high tech(PC version nonetheless)
however ther are so boring and repetitive..........

Matpan4062d ago

Yeah! he is back! :) I liked previous games, I hope this one steps up. Let´s see what it has to offer

likedamaster4062d ago

Seriously bro, spell check takes but a second.

Jaces4062d ago

Never noticed, on the other hand though the games were always pretty fun. Can't wait to see more info.

The Master Chief4061d ago

Splinter Cell is an awesome franchise, sound's like the year off did the game some good.

E3 is gonna be big.

No Way4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Yayy! :D

@solidt12 - Actually, it has me more exited. Why? Because, the first time, they realized it wasn't up to standards.. And, now, they have re done it, and gives me more faith in it. Most developers would just put the game out, anyway.

@zlatko - I prefer the online of Splinter Cell more than MGS4's online. The main reason being is that SC online is.. fresh. It's innovative. And, most of all, I like it. =P

Buttons4061d ago

It'll blow me away once I actually see it, not when someone tells me it'll blow me away.

I did not murder him4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Graphical monsters SC games have always been cutting edge. Isn't there some PS3 articles to read?

I hope I don't lose 4 more bubbles saying so like last time.
This time there is no PS3 hardware in mind. Should be mind blowing.

AAACE54061d ago

I hate to sound like one of the fanboys, but the last time I saw this game, it didn't impress me at all! Honestly... it fell off the radar for me!

I hope they are trying to make a great game that can earn alot of respect like MGS 4 did, but I guess we'll have to see.

Last gen, they always tried to make sure the Splinter Cell games were some of the best on any system, and I hope they try to keep up with that philosophy!

Traveler4061d ago

Damn, I can't wait for this game. I am a huge fan of the Splinter Cell games on original Xbox and actually go back to play them from time to time.

Ubisoft has made some of my favorite games this generation, like Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia and I think they are going to do a fantastic job on Splinter Cell Conviction.

Double Agent was probably the weakest in the franchise. Or maybe it was just that it didn't change much and the gameplay was starting to need a little refresher. That is where Conviction comes in and gives the series a nice reboot. It's going to be awesome.

rockleex4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Or is he starting to look like Solid Snake?

Not that there's anything wrong with it. Lol.


MGO is actually pretty good. People just hate the stupid Konami IDs and how you can only have one MGO account being used on your PS3 no matter how many PSN users you actually have, and other stuff, etc.

Sarcasm4061d ago

I'm sure we'll see something at E3.

That, or the MGS4 going to the 360 confirmation will overshadow it. lol

Sarcasm4061d ago

"This time there is no PS3 hardware in mind. Should be mind blowing. "

Are people really this pathetic?

I did not murder him4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Your trolling is pathetic and Sony fans patrolling 360 news is desperate and sad.

" How far do you think you?re going to take advantage of the Xbox 360 hardware?

MF- Being the second game of the franchise operating on the Xbox 360, our technical experience and knowledge improves everyday and this makes a difference in the results. Also, since Conviction is exclusive to X360, there is no need to think about specifications of other consoles and to develop common solutions. This freedom allows more flexibility and it surely shows more of what the Xbox 360 can really perform."

PS3's hardware would handi capp the quality. Its obvious they made great progress since he said this and of course after going back to the drawing board which could have involve so many things or just one(story, gameplay mechanics, reworked engine etc)

Take it like a man don't call me out like a child because you're offended, most likely you shouldn't be in here in the first place.

phosphor1124061d ago

I still wish it was announced for PS3 =[.
Though I have MGS4, I still love my other stealth games.

Ozzyb4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

But you don't really think it will beat MGS4 in Single-Player do you? If you do, you probably haven't played it. If it by some chance does beat MSG4's SP, and it is widely accepted that it does, I will go and buy a 360 the next day, cuz that's something I'd have to see. Splinter Cell is great, and the online is more fun than MGS Online, but I doubt it will compete with MGS4's story. Sam Fisher doesn't have half the emotional depth as Solid Snake does.

And yes, I wanted to get in on this argument because I enjoy both of these games, and they directly compete with one another. Ubi even had that AC costume in MGS4, that's gotta tell you something. I love when a developer gives a nod like that to someone else, because they admire someone else's accomplishment. Respect to both.

Haha I got a disagree in less time than it could have possibly taken you to read what I wrote. Piss off fanboy.

"Take it like a man don't call me out like a child because you're offended, most likely you shouldn't be in here in the first place."

But if only he murdered you...

Nikuma4061d ago

"Your trolling is pathetic and Sony fans patrolling 360 news is desperate and sad."

This I find hilarious because I see you more than anyone patrolling and trolling the PS3 news.

I did not murder him4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I love how when PS3 fans hate 360 fans they lie telling fictional stories when they think they can get away with it.

My favorite is when a 360 fan mentions trolling and PS3 fans defense is to tell tall tails about the hated accuser saying the accuser does it more.

Your hate is based on you trolling 360 rooms because thats where you will find me. You guys paint everything with a broad brush confusing reality LMAO

@1.33 Who are you talking to? the only people mentioning that game are the people saying its better than SC in the first place LMAO.

EDIT: You know of me because you troll 360 rooms or you visit multi platform rooms that are usually lifting the PS3 up at the xbox's expense. Did you look at my history or check out all the hottest PS3 news posts or any PS3 post?

You quote that because it sticks out to you because you know it to be true and applies to yourselves hence you being offended and attacking me when no one was talking to you LMAO.

Nikuma4061d ago

I scrolled into your comment history and randomly viewed one of your posts. Wouldn't you know it was a comment about the PS3 LYOD. Give me a break kid.

cayal4061d ago

"Your trolling is pathetic and Sony fans patrolling 360 news is desperate and sad"

There's the coffee pot calling the kettle black if i ever seen it.

Ozzyb4061d ago

10 hours ago: "As far as competition goes Sam Fisher has to take on Old Snake, because MGS4's stealth action this generation is through the roof. I still play the online everyday, but I'm still open to the new Sam Fisher game taking the crown from MGS4 in both SP and MP aspect."

That's who I was talking to, fanboy. Believe it or not, some people just really enjoy games, without being overly concerned what platform it's on. You wouldn't understand that concept, would you? I wish I could knock more of your bubbles off, but sadly, only one at a time. People like you make me sick. I can never read what people think about games anymore, only how much who payed to have it or which console it looks better on. Jesus Christ, the ten-year-olds (I'm talking to you) need to give it a rest. I love Splinter Cell, but I'd say that I don't just cuz I know that it would keep you up all night.

ShabzS4061d ago

firstly : sony fanboys hating on this game stfu.. odds are this will come out on ps 7 -8 months later...

secondly the game is running on scx engine which is a heavily modified engine of the unreal engine .... but since they have revamped from the last time it could also be running on the assasins creed engine

cayal4061d ago

Can't wait for SC. It's been a long time since I played any of them, but I do love the series.

trgz4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

What sort of feckin' retard votes to disagree with Buttons' comment of 'It'll blow me away once I actually see it, not when someone tells me it'll blow me away.'? There are some really mentally challenged types on this forum.
Vote 'Disagree' to this if you're a mindless clone, or 'Agree' if you have any common sense whatsoever.
Edit: just seen the first 'Disagree' to this - LOL!

Tito Jackson4061d ago

"yet to be announced AAA game" that is speculated to be shown at E3?
i mean, i know it has a teaser trailer, but does that count as an announcement?

cherrypie4061d ago

This game is right on track to being the first quality game of this type this generation.

Bring it on.

4061d ago
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josh143994062d ago

could be cool but im not the biggest of splinter cell fans. unless msoft secured rights to the game i expect a ps3 version though because ps3 has picked up a lot since this game was first announced

Nambassa4062d ago

yea, why the heck hasn't this been announced for ps3??? its ubisoft, ryt? they've even made ps3 exclusive(s)!! am i missing something here???

Mu5afir4062d ago

I think Microsoft has made some kind of deal with Ubisoft for exclusivity.. I do believe they will be publishing the game... Like they did with NG2. But I wouldn't be surprised if it hits the PC, and later on PS3.

Nambassa4062d ago

damn it! darn microsoft with their huge pockets. i rly hope it does come to ps3. i've never played the splinter cell games except for the mobile phone ones lol, and they were gr8 fun!! LMAO

edgeofblade4062d ago

Who cares if it only shows up on 360.? I have both. You should, too.

peeps4062d ago

"Who cares if it only shows up on 360.?"

what a stupid thing to say lol... splinter cell fans who only own a ps3 of course...

i too own both though but can understand why there are people who care... you should really try being a bit more open minded than presuming a game being exclusive only concerns 'fanboys'

Oner4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I absolutely agree Edge, but what is one to do when their 360 caught it's 4th RROD/RLOD? I am not paying for it to be fixed as it is a launch day model and I refuse to support MS by buying another! You know the saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" just doesn't quite have enough ooomph to describe the situation.

I guess I have to play it at a friends house but that takes away from my in depth experience. Either way it looks to be a good game and the 360 needs it.

Nambassa4062d ago

i can't afford an xbox and i rly dnt think its worth splashing out cash for at the mo. i love gears but i never rly got into halo, which is supposed to b the best xbox game.... lol

ShabzS4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

dude if you havent played halo 3 then you dont know what your missing... its bucket loads of fun ... its not a art house drama about life and death ... its you vs aliens and your trusty sniper rifle to go with .. if you do get around to buying a 360 i would highly recommend it.. theres a reason why its the highest rated game on meta critic and is still selling so well...

pixelsword4062d ago

If it's a person's personal choice to stick to only one console, then bah... let them be. It's no different than someone preferring a football or basketball team.

Not everyone has to like both consoles, nor should they be forced to.

The Master Chief4061d ago

Agreed, you couldn't pay me to buy a Sony Playstation.

Bimmer34061d ago

Blinded by hatred? Maybe.

Halochampian4061d ago

most Splinter Cell fans are owners of Xbox 360. Splinter cell started its days on the original xbox

Ozzyb4061d ago

...and I loved me some SC on the original Xbox...

Oner4061d ago

@ Bimmer3 ~ That or just misinformed immaturity....

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Green Lantern24062d ago

lol you want Splinter Cell you got to get a xbox 360 .

Mu5afir4062d ago

I am sure this game will release for PC too.

Nambassa4062d ago

jee, i'll never buy an xbox! even if the best game ever is on it! (not because i dnt want to but because i'm so badly broke it's not funny, i can't even afford inFamous wen its out)

Mu5afir4062d ago

Rent games, its cheaper if you think about the long run.

skatezero2464062d ago

Yea I'll admit I want Splinter Cell Conviction to bad I have a Ps3 and my bro Has a 360 and guess what we both play both of them so no worries here ... I'm goin to play MGS4 while you sit here and wait for conviction

Spolodaface4062d ago


1. Buy games and shake around your 360 with the game in after completing. Then return as faulty.

2. Sue company you bought it off

3. ??????

4. Black man elected president.

Wait, what?

3sq4062d ago

Timed exclusive again. And when it's released on PS3, well I say f_uck them.

BYE4061d ago

It will come to PS3, Ubisoft is not stupid.

No Way4061d ago

Uhm.. What? o.O

@Ceekay - Unless there was a deal with Microsoft. And, okay, what about all those companies that, aren't first party, make exclusive games for Sony?
Are they stupid?

7thNightvolley4061d ago

:D get a job son.

u can probably take ur babe on a date when u are not gaming.

FOXDIE4061d ago

I think its titeled for PC release too. All Splinter cell games are on PC!

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Omega44062d ago

Its should definitely be something special, could even be GOTY