''Out' in the Industry'

Gamasutra speaks with a handful of industry figures, including 1st Playable's Jeb Havens, Midway's Brian Sharp, and Ubisoft's Anne Gibeault, on the topic of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representation within the game development community.

In this excerpt, Ubisoft's Gibeault, who has worked on several prominent titles for the company including the latest entry in the Splinter Cell franchise, comments that while indifference to gayness in the workplace is acceptable, she finds curiosity and interest in her lifestyle to be a welcome treat:

"The 36-year-old animator (she's worked on such titles as Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, King Kong and Splinter Cell: Double Agent) says, in her experience, her game-development peers have been a pretty welcoming bunch. "I've never heard anything homophobic," she says, adding "I've always been out, everywhere I've worked. Everyone reacts fine with it."

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there was a 36 old animator