Bone-idle : Empire Total War Review

From Bone-idle: "It's time to get all ship shape and Bristol fashion here at the bone-IDLE offices as we take a look at the very
much anticipated EMPIRE: Total War, the next instalment of the highly praised (and rightly so) series in the Total War franchise. So don your best pirate outfit, hang the Jolly Roger from your monitor and call granddad "Black Beard" as we walk the plank in shark infested waters...ARGGHHHHHH me hearties!!!!

It's hard to believe that the Total War series has been around for the past nine years. And in that time has amassed a huge following of hardcore followers and modding community, with its detailed 3D map and turn based strategy campaign it lets us mere mortals play GOD. EMPIRE: Total War is set in the turbulent times of the 1700-1800's and so with the invention of gunpowder instead of bows & arrows, new tactics is a must to more rushing head first into a volley of buckshot now is there?"

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