Rumour - More Resident Evil 5 DLC On The Way

In a recent interview Capcoms Chris Svensson mentioned that he was reviewing ideas put to him by the Resident Evil community for future DLC and that Capcom were seriously considering adding more.

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Riddler13440d ago

Sounds good to me I loved Verses.

doctorstrange3440d ago

I wonder if it's on the disk

Shane Kim3440d ago

I see there is no shame in Scamcom.

SonySoldierEternaL3440d ago

of course not, they've been corrupted by microSHAFT

Dawn_Of_Ashes3440d ago

what? there is more stuff on the disc? jesus christ...

stickskills3440d ago

LOL! It's going to kill them so bad after that whole issue.

Green Lantern23440d ago

yeah i guess MS corrupted sony to lol all them dlc sony is releasing but i thought blue ray was the future 50 GB of space yet sony still releasing dlc.

Shane Kim3440d ago

I can't really hear you when you have MS d!ck stuffed down your throat.

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