Ultra High Definition already underway.

HDTV has a next generation

Japanese Broadcaster NHK is developing the successor to HDTV called Ultra High Definition. UHDV offers a resolution of 32 million Pixels compared to HDTV's 2 million pixels.

Picture size of 7,680 by 4320 for a 1.77 aspect ratio (AKA 16x9)

So with 4,000 horizontal lines of resolution it blows away current HD.

It will have a refresh rate of 60 Frames per second....

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hfaze4278d ago

The only question is when broadcast technology (or bandwidth to stream over IP) will catch up with that kind of resolution...

I would LOVE to have one of those for a PC monitor though... ;-)

vidoardes4278d ago

Didn't this story come out in November 2005?

Neutral Gamer4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

I agree mate, this is old news.

But, as this story's been approved and no one else has said anything, there must have been quite a few people who missed this story the first time round! I know loads of people who haven't heard of UHDTV before, so it makes sense and therefore it's justifiable in being approved.

Still, I can see you're a Trainee and you were RIGHT to report it. I would have done the same if I'd seen it earlier. Don't let this story getting through put you off, keep up the good work and stay sharp mate! :)

BoneMagnus4278d ago

The equivalent number of lines to replicate true reality for someone with 20/20 vision.

Subclavian4278d ago

I would like to watch "300" on it !!

ENNO4278d ago

From what the artical says..if you wanna see true UHDTV you will need a screen bigger than your house!!!

Armyless4278d ago

but I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict this won't be adopted technology for a couple years.

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The story is too old to be commented.