New Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Screenshot

Helios, of the Official Operation Flashpoint forums, writes 'Just uploaded a new community exclusive screenshot for you guys, hope you like it.

The full size version can be found on our Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Flickr picture set.

I'll have another new screeny ready for you guys by the end of the week as well, so keep on checking back on the forums'

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UnwanteDreamz4071d ago

Hope it looks this good on the consoles because that is def a PC screen.

wowzers4071d ago

Yeah that is def. a pc screen. No console could do that! I loved the OFP games with all the mods they had for the pc version!

UnwanteDreamz4071d ago

I never played it but I am keeping an eye on this one.

I decided to finally build a gaming rig instead of buying a 360 seeing how my MB bricked on me recently, it was old and past its time.