Rare denies Blast Corps 2 and Jet Force Gemini 2 yet again

MundoRare writes: "With E3 fast approaching, and the last edition of Scribes being somewhere around mid-February, good ol' Loveday saw it fit to update with yet another tantalizingly teasing edition of Scribes.

When asked about what a Banjo-Fourie would have, Loveday, besides commenting on the horribleness of the name, said that he doesn't know any more than you do on a possible sequel. Keep in mind that, before the game's release, the team originally wanted to build upon (sorry) the vehicle concept. Who knows what the plans are now, if any?

Loveday, in a rather creative manner, acknowledges, once again, the lack of a Blast Corps and a Jet Force Gemini sequel. However, he does wonder if XBLA would "be a good place to reintroduce the whimsical savagery of the originals first." In which case, yes, it would. Bring on the difficulty of Blast Corps and the painfully long Tribal fetch-quest in Jet Force Gemini to a new audience!

While the economic recession has been quite the bitch, it can safely be said that it didn't result "in the canning of entire projects."

On a similar note, when a few of Rare's staff were unfortunately compromised, an employee let slip of four projects. Loveday commented, "I don't know where and when this confirmation happened, but it must have passed me by. The actual situation here is that things are so TEH TOP SECRAT at the moment, I'm a loooong way from being in a position to spill the beans on everything that's cooking. What I will say is that there's little talk of the 'obvious choices' I've seen rumoured elsewhere." This begs the question if he considers KI3 an obvious choice, but as it stands, we hopefully won't have long to find out what Rare's been cooking."

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II Necroplasm II3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Ultra Combo!!!


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bomboclaat_gamer3437d ago

i wish they will make something worthwhile. rare still havent impressed me since MS bought them out

II Necroplasm II3437d ago

I don't know what the deal is. They need to get on the ball! for f*ck sake.

-MD-3436d ago

I'm pretty satisfied with Rare this generation PDZ was fantastic online and Kameo/Nuts and Bolts were great single player games.

I'm waiting on Perfect Dark 2 and Killer Instinct 3 while hoping to god they release a Conker 2 sometime in my lifetime.

truegamer0073156d ago

Rare hasn't come out with a good game since Conkers Bad Fur Day on the N64 . Nuts and Bolts is a disgrace to Banjo . The Conkers for xbox was lame as hell . Honestly there is no hope for Rare now that they are owned by Microsoft .