First Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament Screenshots

Atlus has released the North American boxart and the first English screens for their upcoming PlayStation Portable game Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament. The game revolves around a young Trot driver comes to Orion City with one dream in mind: to win the prestigious Orion City Trotmobile gladiator tournament. In his quest for fame, he comes across a series of bandit attacks, and resolves to stop them.

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mephman4070d ago

Could be a game to watch out for.

xztence4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I'm more interested in the ps3 version, which just dissappeared into nowhere.

somekyle4070d ago

Anything steampunk makes me think of Bioshock, and I haven't even played that =x.

sinncross4070d ago

Famitsu announced a few months ago that Steambot Chronicles 2 for PS3 was still in development :)

Xof4070d ago

And thank God for that.

But even worse than the wait for the game... is the wait for any news of SC2/BT2 getting localized in English.