More Forza 3 Hints, Le Mans Maybe?

lvl2 writes:

"Another image has surfaced with 12.06.09 and Save the Date written on it, as well as the Xbox 360 logo. So how is Forza 3 and Le Mans linked?"

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green4072d ago

Watched le'mans 24hrs race live for the first time last year in France ,and watched as my favorite team Audi blew away the competition.Le'mans is a legendary race and a legendary track, so i hope these rumors of it showing up in Forza 3 is true.E3 cant come soon enough.

Uncle Rico4072d ago

pretty nice man. I caught it on tv last year... stayed up for 18 hrs ...pretty amazing...especially since audi runs their cars on Turbodiesel engines.

JOLLY14072d ago

I can't wait for the Nurburg 24 this weekend! They are going to have the '09 STi with a lot of prototype stuff on it. I love my car!

green4072d ago

Forgot about that for a sec, F1 Monaco has been all i have taught of these few days but i know that the Nurburg 24 will be super sweet to watch because of the amount of factory entrants this year

- Lexus LFA
- Audi R8 GT3
- BMW M3 GT4
- Subaru STI
- Aston Martin V12 Vantage etc

Only problem is that i am in the UK and have no idea where i can watch these programs.Anyone no any internet channels that might show it?

JOLLY14072d ago

First off, if I lived in the UK I would be heading over to Germany to watch it live. I live in Washington state and I drove to Oregon this last weekend to watch a rally race. I love going to events. I believe there are a few websites that stream parts of it. Go to when it gets closer to this weekend. They should have info.

Uncle Rico4072d ago

Usually down to the race days, like a day or two before, people would stream the channel broadcasting the event on I had to live on that about two years ago when they blacklisted the entire F1 season from TV in miami. Thank God for Internet.

green4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Good to be among fellow petrol heads.Bubbles to both of you.

@Jolly:Hope you enjoy yourself at the Nurburg 24 hope i can make the event next year.But in the meantime i will have to settle with watching the F1 Grand Prix at silverstone next month live and the rest on TV.

@ Uncle Rico: Thanks, just bookmarked

EDIT: you guys should add me to your friends list on xbox live.Gamer tag is Greenavus.

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JOLLY14072d ago

Can anyone say pitpass report?

Uncle Rico4072d ago

I doubt it would be anything epic...maybe a subtle hint.

RonyDean4072d ago

Pretty sweet! Let's hope Turn10 does integrate le mans into Forza 3!

Felle4072d ago

Agreed, that would be awesome!

matt2474072d ago

online 24 hr. team racing?

manwich254071d ago

all of these little leaks and details are so exciting

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