Chubear5542d ago (Edited 5542d ago )

The interaction with the environment you get with KZ2 maps are insane. So now we have to look out for Cruiser back blasts? WOOOOOOOOT!!!

Ah, but I see now why Eurogamer gave KZ2 high marks - they managed to secured exclusive show piece incentive. Guess they got nothing arranged for Infamous lol

AntoineDcoolette5542d ago

I like how GG is adding themes to the map pack titles. "Steel and Titanium" and now "Flash and Thunder". What's going to be next? "Flames and Ashes" ? Eh.. best of could think of spur of the moment : /

But please, please sell this new map pack together with the old one in a slightly discounted bundle for like $10 : /

DarK-SilV5542d ago

I really can’t believe there are peoples who still have yet to buy this incredible game, what more do you need !!, one of the best FPS game of all time, say whatever you want, you can’t deny the greatness of KZ2

NIGHT_HAWK32105542d ago

i like how kz2 is copying of gears by making the environment an extra enemy.

cant wait to play these maps.

Downtown boogey5542d ago

they've had these maps done before the release of the game itself... Just to cash in some more post-launch?

Downtown boogey5542d ago (Edited 5542d ago )

Believe it or not:
I can.

NIGHT_HAWK32105542d ago

how can i get disagrees for saying the truth? gears has maps that kill you, now kz is doin it.

im not bashing the game. killzone is my favorite game at the moment.

of course mentioning gears with killzone makes all the ps3 fanboys a little insecure. i dont know why? ps3 fanboys are babies.

aussieracer5542d ago

The real important questions is, free or overpriced?

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Nambassa5542d ago (Edited 5542d ago )

thats amazing. sick graphics. but wat was that i saw??!? can you use nukes!!?? lol CAN'T WAIT!

Chubear5542d ago

Sony's Online graphics are beyond anything ever seen. You don't games even on PC that exhibit not just top end SP graphics but physics too? Madness!

... and how much do you love Scolar Vasari's propaganda speeches?!

DA_SHREDDER5542d ago

OMFG. Did that dude just get annihilated by a cruiser taking off? It looked like a nuclear bomb.

Nambassa5542d ago

yea thats what i though lol. looks immense!

IdleLeeSiuLung5542d ago

Looks good, how much is it going to cost? How much of that footage will be part of the game?

Chubear5542d ago

That's what the game's like online; That's that's all in-game footage.

HDgamer5542d ago

Everything is like that in the online game. Graphics, gameplay, and missions.

ptotoy5542d ago

better be $4 only.. wait, free would be better