Mess up UFO: Afterlight - be rewarded by its creators

UFO: Afterlight lets you take on the inhabitants of Mars in a perfect blend between strategy and tactics. You explore the surface, build mines, research technologies and develop equipment in the strategic view. You recover artifacts, capture enemies, blow up installations and neutralize the opposition in the tactical view. The two parts are closely knit together, and making a bad decision in one can be fatal to the other.

But what if you could do even more? What if a gamer out there has a brilliant idea to expand the game even further? That's what the "UFO: Afterlight modding contest" is all about! ALTAR Games wants you to modify their game to your heart's content! Feel like changing the sound or music? Don't be shy! Feel like changing the balance of the factions? Bring it on! Feel free to add or change anything you can manage, and get a nice prize if your contribution is amongst the top three

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