Academy of Champions Announced For Nintendo Wii

Ubisoft have just announced a new game Football game for the Nintendo Wii called Academy of Champions. It comes from their Ubisoft Vancouver studio and is set to feature some of the biggest stars in the sport's history.

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ShawnCollier3491d ago

Sounds like an interesting game.

mephman3491d ago

Mario Strikers, but with real sports stars perhaps?

Monteblanco3491d ago

This is a good idea. They already have Pelé, which is great. Perhaps they can assemble an all-star cast of retired players.

Selyah3491d ago

Plausible I guess lol

mephman3490d ago

Maybe, it might set them back a few bob though, lol.

Selyah3490d ago

I think its safe to say it has already cost them a fair bit :P

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ChickeyCantor3490d ago

A new Kunio.... nekketsu?...anyway you know what im talking about XD soccer game would be epic as well...where is it =(

Seferoth753490d ago

If we are bringing stuff back. I'll take NBA Jam and Arch Rivals please.