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E3 Rumor: Xbox360 Slim More Likely Than PS3 Slim

The Power Review - This isn't an argument about which company needs the additional SKU more, but rather an assessment of which is more plausible to be announced at E3 in June. Once the facts are reviewed it becomes pretty clear that both of these are in development, but the 360 version is more likely to be released first.

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Unbiased14093d ago

So this isn't a "rumor", it's what some "dudes" think makes more sense which isn't ...a rumor but an opinion? Ridiculous....internet should be censored from IDIOCY!

Pennywise4093d ago

Xbox 360 FAT is more likely.

UNCyrus4093d ago

welcome to the conversation my clown friend...

FragMnTagM4093d ago

but yes, this should be considered a rumor still. But on the other hand it can not be ruled out completely.

For me though, it is more likely that Sony will come with the redesign.

Pennywise4093d ago

lol, thanks. Sometimes I cant help myself... but without trolling. A serious question to all... do you think the xbox, with all of its hardware problems would benefit from less breathing room?? I dont.

UNCyrus4093d ago

I actually talked about that in the article.... I think it could benefit from a complete design overhaul... which is what this slim model would give it.

FragMnTagM4093d ago

It really doesn't matter how big the shell is if it is ventilated properly and the components that heat up the most are placed strategically. Look at laptops.

Blaze9294093d ago

Lol the 360 as it is now practically has no breathing room for anything, why would they make it smaller for more problems? If anything I could expect a remodel or something maybe adding built in wifi but smaller, naaaah.

edgeofblade4093d ago

Actually, Pennywise, a slim would indicate MS has confidence they finally solved the hardware issue. They wouldn't make a move like that if they expected to replace what the larger public percieves as a new hardware model. The unwashed masses simply don't follow the Zenons, Falcons, Jaspers, Opuses, and Valhallas like the internet elite do. This would be their chance to rebuild with the average person.

Microsoft might be a huge corporation, but money talks and a lot of money is lost every day in 360 replacements. I bet Microsoft wishes they could bank that cash, but they either have to run a leaky ship or abandon their consumers. I prefer not to be abandoned.

I_am_rushin4093d ago

"the PS3 has been around for only three and a half." Um... The PS3 came out Nov. 2006. It's at 2.5 years in NA and Japan and even less in Europe. WTF is this guy talking about?

IdleLeeSiuLung4093d ago

A slim 360 would mean MS reduced the size of the components that can trap heat. For instance, they could do away with that bulky DVD-ROM drive intended for PC's. Perhaps something with more open design that doesn't trap heat.

Usually these types of things have a tendency to leak out early though and the only one that seemed to have leak anything is the PS3. Besides Sony might not be the master of software design (user interface and service integration) they are the master of hardware and it consistently shows.

A combined PS3/Xbox 360 would be ideal from a feature standpoint, perhaps not from a competition standpoint.

Mr_Bun4093d ago

This is just a blog...and a blog on a rumor. I wouldn't take it too seriously, even if the author is misinformed.

UNCyrus4093d ago

no, that was just my bad math at 8am... it's since been corrected

SL1M DADDY4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Yeah right. Sorry, but the only way that would work is if they took the idea of using a blower like Sony uses rather than a simple fan. Also, if they have not done so already, move the engineer of the 360 to the broom closet and take his red stapler away from him and get some "good" engineers on the job of redesigning the console.

JeffGUNZ4093d ago

Arron Greenburg already shut this rumor down in an interview he had with Bitzbag. We are not going to see a slim 360, at least not this E3.

edgeofblade4093d ago

@Slim Daddy:

A "blower" rather than a "fan"? What's the difference?

PeterGriffinSays4093d ago

If the internet was uncensored from "idiocy", there would only be 3 websites and a search engine.


Highatus4093d ago

A PS3 Slim is more likely.

Xbox 360 (lowest model) currently at $200

PS3 (lowest model) currently at $400

Microsoft is already at the sweet spot price point.

Sony is not.

A PS3 redesign would reduce manufacturing costs to enable a lower price point.

Why would Microsoft redesign if they are already at the 'Sweet spot' price point? No, they won't change their tactics either by making a $200 Xbox360 with a HDD, because they already have the consumer fooled into having to buy the upgrades. Financially It would be silly for MS to change this when they are already have the nickel and dime game owned?

*Side note* IF you are going to buy an Xbox360 however, get an Elite or Pro. Don't be fooled by the Arcade.

AAACE54092d ago

It would make more sense for a 360 slim to be announced. The Ps3 is nowhere near ready for a slim down. The size of the Ps3 is what makes people feel comfortable spending $400 for it. The average consumer would otherwise look at it and say $400 for that tiny videogame system?

Yes we know it is alot more than that, but the general public doesn't!

SL1M DADDY4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

A blower can push or pull much more air with a smaller unit than a fan can. The first picture is of the PS3 blower. It pulls air into the center of it and pushes it out to the plumbing for air ventilation. The second is a fan. Fans are typically weaker when it comes to how much air they move.

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FragMnTagM4093d ago

-One, Microsoft did not even release a redesign for the first one.

-Two, we have face plates on the "fat" version of the 360, it would be interesting to see what the "slim" has (if there is even one).

I would like to see a redesign for both the 360, and the PS3, and hopefully they both run cooler, because as it is, they both get fairly hot. Not to mention it would save me room in my entertainment center.

UNCyrus4093d ago

yeah, there wasn't a redesign for the first one... but the first was also MS's attempt at "testing the waters" for consoles

Unbiased14093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

MS doesn't know how to make good hardware, period! To play around and make new hardware that might cause another RROD like mess, i just don't see it happening. 360 will stay as it is. This is not even a rumor.

PirateThom4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Sony redesigned the PlayStation.
Nintendo redesigned the NES
Sega redesigned the SG-1000.
Atari redesigned the 2600.

They were, technically, all "testing the waters". Fact is, the XBox didn't do well enough to warrant a downsize, which it needed.

edgeofblade4093d ago

Faceplates are a nice "wishlist" kind of feature, but I would give them up in a heartbeat for more reliable hardware.

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KionicWarlord2224093d ago

Slim At e3? Well Ms are probably thinking about it . But i doubt it will be at e3 though . I do think there will be some form of hardware shown at e3.

lloyd_wonder4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Microsoft is probably afraid to do a revision. If they can't fix the existing problems with the already prone-RROD xbox in its current design, there's no chance for a revision.

Sorry. Lame article. The Speculation is baseless.

SpoonyRedMage4093d ago

Well if they restore the original cooling system they planned for the 360 which was apparetly really efficient I could see it happening.

but I think the PS3 slim is more likely.