Ve3tro Review: Velvet Assassin, Quick Zee Germans Are Coming

Ve3tro writes: "Should games be fun? It seems like an obvious question but for some titles this mandatory objective isn't always apparent.

Velvet Assassin is such a game, you play as female spy, Violette Summer during the Second World War where you duty's often include stabbing Nazi personnel in the backs, changing costumes, stealing secret plans and blowing up enemy facilities all in a third person action stealth wrapper. Missions are told during a flashback pretence as the main protagonist dreams whilst captured in an enemy facility.

All of this sounds rather interesting doesn't it but what Southpeak's title fails to achieve is where any of the game play held within is actually any fun. Velvet Assassin is very much an action stealth game with the vast majority of play centred on the latter, often via sneaking through enemy patrol patterns and switching off the lights.

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