Windows media center gets netflix

It's been a long time in coming, but Netflix has finally provided Microsoft a Silverlight powered add-in to roll out to Windows Vista (Home Premium, Ultimate) Media Center users that gives subscribers access to its 12,000 "Watch it now" movie and TV collection. More....

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KionicWarlord2223491d ago

Wow this is great. Didnt know that the did this . This is very convenient.

TheBrit3491d ago

This is a great feature, if your in media center you can queue your movies up and stream them as if you were not in media center.

If you are not in media center you can still go to netflix and queue them up and watch them directly on your desktop.

The BIG positive here is that you can now be on your xbox360 and fire up media center, queue up some movies and then watch opposed to not having any control before hand with the netflix plug-in for the 360.

I think it's a very welcomed addition.

My computer is upstairs in my spare bedroom, my 360 is downstairs n the living room. Now I don't have to fire up the laptop or run upstairs to queue stuff up.

I see it as a big positive not a negative.