High Voltage: Conduit won't suffer MadWorld sales fate

The Conduit, the upcoming Wii-exclusive sci-fi FPS billed as having graphics on a par with games on the Xbox 360 and PS3, won't suffer the same fate as other Wii titles aimed at core gamers, developer High Voltage has insisted.

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Chris3994069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Completely unproven as professionals with a game aimed at relatively the same audience as Madworld, I'd be utterly surprised if their game didn't suffer the same fate.

Not hating on the Wii, I do enjoy my little white box, but they need to see how their game is received by the media and the public before they start proselytizing about the wonders of The Conduit and it's development (see pretty much any other interview with High Voltage).

BrotherNick4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I think of M games as rated R movies, and a good portion of parents won't buy M games for their kids. With a T rating, any kid who saves up his allowance can get it. They just need to advertise it with saturday morning cartoons -_-;

ChickeyCantor4069d ago

Key difference is gameplay and style.
Its comparing a dared artstyled beat'm up to a FPS shooter with a known setting....and it plays in cities that are suppose to be real...

Who says it won't stand a chance?

" , but they need to see how their game is received by the media"

Why do you think they are confident? Most of them who played it enjoyed it.

kunit22c4069d ago

I cant believe no one has caught on to the fact that Hardcore games on Wii don't sell fast right away like hardcore games on the PS3 and 360 they sell at a slow steady rate for a long time, just look at no more heroes at first it sold little but after time sales kept going up and up and up, and sold a kinda good amount of copies, same with COD world at war it didn't have a big boom of sales when it first came out it just kinda slowly went up and I play like everyday and theres always new people joining, and there are always a lot of people online, so just understand that Hardcore games on Wii don't sell a lot at first but slowly get up to selling OK after some time.

White-Sharingan4069d ago

First they say the graphics will be on par with PS3 and 360 games and now they say this. These devs are full of lies, they lost credibility when they stated the first comment. If those screens are from the final build...they dont even look on par with PSN games/Xbox Live Arcade games

I LOL @ the wii, cant believe I bought that POS

ape0074069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

there's a probability that new motion control coming to ps3\360

have your view\vision\idea satesfyied with ps3\360 motion with amazing HD gfx,amazing online(xbl,psn),dlc and achievements\trophies

phantomexe4069d ago

I think it will do just fine,I'm not saying it going sell a mil out of the gate but i do beleave it will sell better over the long hall.Its got so much going for it that other games didn't have.Games like world at war ,medal of honor these both sold over a mil and i'd bet the conduit will follow if not do alot better.

TheMART4069d ago

Impossible the graphics are on par with 360/PS3 because of a simple reason.

Wii can only do 480p, last gen SDTV resolution.

360/PS3 games are overall 720p native, thus a much higher native resolution and my 360 even upscales every 720p game with the ANA chip to 1080p.

I am 100% sure the Wii and this game will never ever have graphics up to my other two consoles. Most Wii games are worthless by the way. I love original games for my 360 and the PS3, but I just can't find games I really want to buy for my Wii. It allmost gets very tempting to use the USB HDD loader because the pile of shiatware, so its quick testing some games if they're worth it.

Nintendo facks consumers by selling that overcharged Gamecube and have so much shiatware out there, everyone should rip Nintendo 1st party games to fack Nintendo back.

White-Sharingan4069d ago

didnt think I would agree with you....but I couldnt have said it any better myself...

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