Analysis: The Universal (Brain-Eating) Appeal Of Plants Vs. Zombies

Kris Graft @ Gamasutra: "I could be blowing off the high-def heads of the athletic zombies of the superb Left 4 Dead with a few friends, or tossing incendiary grenades at a group of the persistent undead (and screaming in frustration at the shoddy co-op A.I.) in the blockbuster Resident Evil 5.

Heck, I haven't stepped into the motherf***ing shoes of Agent G in House of the Dead: Overkill lately – perhaps I should. I could even revisit that mall in Willamette, CO.

But no, there are more urgent matters – the real threat is right at my front door. My immaculately manicured lawn is a no man's land and the only thing between me and an undead, looming doom is an army of flowers, nuts, fruits and tubers."

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