The perfect Nintendo E3 conference writes: "After what was widely perceived to be a weak showing from Nintendo at last year's E3, many fans will be hoping for a change of approach in 2009. Despite the success of Wii Fit and other casual titles, the company's hardcore fanbase is clamouring for games, and there's no doubt that fingers will be crossed for certain key franchises - particularly those involving Link and that chap with the 'tache. We've assembled a list of potential announcements that would make us very happy indeed, using the Tightrope of Realism to cross the Deep Gorge of Blind Optimism. And look! We only fell in once or twice…"

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KionicWarlord2224073d ago

At e3 Nintendo should show some Zelda and Mario games for the Wii . I do agree with article it should have a light saber game with motion plus. But i wonder if at e3 there will be some new hardware for Wii. Something people will get excited over.

SpoonyRedMage4073d ago

There will eventually be a lightsaber motionplus game, there's always a plethora of Star Wars games on Nintendo consoles(and there was loads on the Xbox last gen too!).

The DSi is already getting some killer apps. PiCOPiCT came out in the US on Monday, Mighty Flip Champs is on it's way and so is Dragon Quest Wars. As well as 5 other Intelligent Systems/Square Enix games.

New Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus etc. would be awesome, absolutely awesome but I don't think it's going to happen. I reckon they'll have hardcore games but possibly only one or two for the Wii.

Beast_Master4073d ago

Cammy Dunaway demo's Wii Balance board game and falls off stage breaking both legs.

GameGambits4072d ago

If I was in charge of Nintendo I would just release a new console in 2010 with better specs than both PS3 and 360. They've already made enough bank off of the Wii that now they can afford to have the best console on the market in technical capabilities too.

The Wii could become like the PS2 for them, but the new Nintendo being a showcase of why Nintendo used to push forward in hardware specs instead of stopping dead in its tracks this generation.

Link on PS3 cell graphics makes my imagination orgasm. Mario with Uncharted 2 level of detail would be more than a blast. Plus if Nintendo wanted an easy cash cow make that new Mario game like LBP with level creators of some sort, so that people could share with buddies their new insane underwater level with 4 gigabowsers!

Seferoth754072d ago

Good thing you dont run Nintendo. Why would the number one company need to release another console? Its still outselling the others by a pretty big margin.

SinnedNogara4072d ago

Perfect conference.

Cammie goes skydiving and gets lost in the Sierra Nevada during the conference.

desolationstorm4072d ago

releasing a new system in 2010 is up there with a port of ET to XBL. Number one console that they make a profit on. Releasing a new system would be a good way to make sure all those new wii owners never come back.

Id like some mention of Star Fox at this show. Though Ill be happy if we get some video of mario or zelda. I think Zelda is more likely but who knows. Should be a good E3 since 3rd parties are starting to come out and at least make an honest effort on the system. If the wii is really gonna go furhter they need big 3rd party games. THough it will go far just with Nintendo alone. Id also like to see a price cut this christmas. Come on Nintendo yeah you dont really need to but a price cut or bundle would get gamers that are on the fence.

Oh and I just have a hunch that a new color might be shown off at E3. nintendo loves their colors and now that the wii is at a point that it is meeting demand Nintendo can actually try something new.

Shame that M+ took this long to come out because id like to see a controler with it built in. Or at least a bundle would be nice for all the poeple that keep buying the wii thoughg its not likely nintendo loves their attachments.

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Gr814073d ago

With all that I'm sure the haters would still find a reason to hate.

SpoonyRedMage4073d ago

Yup, I can see them concentrating more on the DSi than the Wii though and people will feel neglected again.

I think they may be holding off some updates(like Moving Notepad) until E3.

Gr814073d ago

DSi will probably get more attention from Nintendo, but I think the third parties will be making more noise on the Wii. I could be wrong of course.

But as for Zelda, I don't think its needed right now. I think people hold this idea that "if Nintendo doesn't show off a new Zelda then their E3 sucks" is ridiculous. Also if they do show off a new Zelda the new hater phrase will be "besides Zelda Nintendo doesn't have any games for the hardcore". Not that I care what they say, I'm just pointing it out.

I'd rather them bring out a Wave Race of Starfox or Icarus, then maybe next year throw Link back in action, the longer it takes the more polish it'll have. How many years was it after A Link to The Past did we get Ocarina of Time? The wait was worth it.

I took E3 for what it was last year, the show was downsized considerably, I don't think it was as bad as people here complained it was. It was a weak show, a shell of its former self. This year seems like a return to glory though, we'll see. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

mastiffchild4073d ago

I don't really agree. I think that lots of people are really hanging out for the Zelda game inparticular. It isn't anything like the situation was post Link To the Past as they will have been working on the new LoZ since well before we got to see the TP on Wii-wasn't it ready well before the console launch? As the BIG mario platformers are very rare things(and rightly so)I doubt we'll get anything more than a vague idea, if anything , on that front so Ninty will need their other really big hitter to please folks waiting for a Ninty blockbuster on the Wii.

It's also great if we get some news of KI, Pikmin3, Lylat Wars(as if)Fzero or Starfox but one or two from a long list of franchises is all we can hope for-again, if that. What I really want, personally, is a new IP from Nintendo AND that they give far more support to third party devs on the Wii and DSi-in the form of, say, demos on the Nintendo Channel and lots more trailers etc. Many, many games would have done far better had they had the support they needed from Ninty in this way and it is really easy for Nintendo to make this happen.

They're bound, however, to give most time to M+ and the DSi as their two biggest bits of hardware with supporting software and games this year. I'd still love to see a light saber game with full 1:1 mavement tracking but that wll only come later, I feel. Ninty could have all sorts of things lined up to show us for DSi ansd M+ so they could do far better than last year when Wii music just missed every boat there was.

desolationstorm4072d ago

Ive been saying that for the longest time. If nintendo wants to encourgae 3rd parties to make a better product. Through their weight behind good games. If it meets their approval then put some weight behind it. Its frustrating because if Nintendo say picked 5 upcoming 3rd party games and put a pack in demo with wii sports resort Im sure those games sales would be helped tremendiously. Movies would be easier on wii but hey I said it about boomblox last year the sales did take off but if a demo were handed out to all the casuals in advance it would have had huge sales from the get go.

Even a newsletter message to all wii oweners. Like this months 3rd party spotlight and give a brief description and a video available for download. Most non gamers that own a wii dont know other games to buy that isnt nintendo.

BrotherNick4073d ago

I'm still waiting for F-Zero.

ChickeyCantor4072d ago

No you are saw what happened with mario kart...LOL
of course IF it gets an online component XD...

I'll be waiting brother....*flies of with dramatic cape effect*

Cheeseknight284072d ago

Eh, I didn't think Mario Kart was a disaster. It was better than Double Dash, for sure.

ChickeyCantor4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

hahaha no, not like that....
Lets just say our race online wasn't really fair.

I like the game =), wasn't dissing it.
It was more something towards BrotherN.

KKanjiAnkh4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

MK Wii is good but could of been great.
1. They took out the snaking technique from DD, and the DS.
2. The way the item usage was is no where near as balanced.
3. They should of implemented some type of mic for friend chat in game.
4. They also should've added the Sonic characters like they did SSMB, and M&S @TO.

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Etseix4073d ago

sry bro u just missed something, and i think its the most important,
*dont put Cammie Dunaway on E3*
whit that, i think amny of ppl will have high hopes with nintendo.. or at least see Nintendo's conference whitout falling asleep :p

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