Square Enix Income Down 31%

Square Enix financial results reveal all

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DA_SHREDDER3464d ago

thats what happens when you sell exclusively to one system when you are third party.

gaffyh3464d ago

There Wii and DS software probably made up most of their income this year, cos the 360 software has sold quite badly overall, and they haven't even released a single PS3 game (which is ridiculous considering this is the PS3's 3rd year)

xwabbit3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

How can this be ? SE them self's said that making the partnership with MS was one of the best things they had ever done

raztad3464d ago

Probaly those checks are in the pockets of certain particular, *cough* Wada *cough*. That guy is killing SE. I like what they are doing in portables but clearly is not enough to recoup all the loses coming from flopped HD games.

locos853464d ago

I feel bad for the employees feeling the heat. It's not their fault the the Person who runs the company has no business sense what so ever..... Wada. Has he opened his eyes yet. He could at least port over some of their crappy games and make some extra cash. But not a single game on the PS3 is just stupid and sad at the same time.

Masta_fro3464d ago

what happened square? I thought you and microsoft were tight...o o im sorry, i dont give a sh!t, sell outs.

IzKyD13313464d ago

Thats what you deserve when you:

1. Have a retard like Wada running things
2. Make like 500 remakes on portable devices (and not NEW games)
3. Make games exclusively for the 360, and not release a single game for the PS3 after 2 and a half years
4. Westernize.....why Westernize your games? the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games have sold like crazy in the US. Change is unnecessary in this case

Rai853464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

all i wanna say is that
they don't really care about us
all i wanna say is that
they don't really care about us

beat us, hate us, you can never break us
will us, thrill us, you can never kill us
chew us, sue us, everybody do us
kick us, hike us, don't you black or white us

From an ex fan SE

RememberThe3573464d ago

This is what happens when you make bad business decisions.

UltimateIdiot9113464d ago

I can definitely say that Wada's plan to have SE westernize through the 360 is a big success.

Oh wait...

ThanatosDMC3464d ago

$hit didnt sell? What else is new?

Chubear3464d ago

that would have sky rocketed their sales for sure. Seeing as they're owned by MS and all - OH SNAP!

ultimolu3464d ago

*whistles* Square better pray that FFXIII and FF Versus XIII saves them.

Jecht3463d ago

You reap what you sow. How's that "we don't want the PS3 to be the overwhelming loser, but we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either" arrogant and completely contradictory statement working out for you now?

This is what happens when you think you're above the people that made you who you are, and you cater to people who've emphatically and vocally stated that they are uninterested in your particular genre of games.

Xbox fans have never made it a secret that they are NOT into JRPG's. What focus groups did SE use to come to the determination that they were? When the userbase says they are uninterested, and the sales reflect their interest (meaning little to none), then pick up your ball and go to a place you'll be welcomed. The PS3 userbase wants JRPG's, and they want them bad. SUPPORT THE PS3 AND YOU'LL MAKE MONEY!!!

It's pretty obvious at this point that they are just wasting time and money on the 360. Be a fanboy of the 360 all you want, the numbers don't lie. And the numbers state that JRPG's just end up dying on the 360. Prove me wrong.

And to the disagrees I'm sure to get, you can try to disagree with fact all you want, but that's not going to make it go away or change anything.

pain777pas3463d ago

@ Murker How Ironic that the Iconic developer is going down the drain one too many switches and backstabs. Serves them right. I'll pick up FF13 if its really good but if its dated compared to Dragon age, White Knight and Mass Effect 2 than forget about it.

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Kain813464d ago

now there are not so many of them.

Xandet3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I had the utmost respect for Sqeenix until a year or so ago.. now I really could care less if the entire company capsizes (which would never happen, unfortunately). Then Nomura would go on to make his own company and create some games that are of some actual quality, that get released in less than 5-6-7 years.

(And Legend of Dragoon.. hells to the yes.) :)

TheForgotten0ne3464d ago

Totally agree, you don't leave the people you know will buy your games. Thats just stupid!

And, I LOVE your avatar Kain! The Legend of Dragoon!

Xwow20083464d ago

u are right , they abandoned us and treat like nothing :(.
hope they wake up now,square ceo wada will bring doom upon the company.

Godmars2903464d ago

Not feeling too sorry that Square took a hit for trying to manipulate their fanbase.

Sadder thing is it probably wont stop them from even supporting both the PS3 and 360 equally.

JD_Shadow3464d ago

If this doesn't wake them up, I don't think anything will. They've ignored EVERYTHING (like bad press and the huge sales of FF7ACC in Japan) in favor of supporting only the 360 and handhelds. Not sure why they still ignore everything to do so (not sure how they can justify that following THIS).

shawnsl653464d ago

ms is paying for wada's new estate. that's how he can ignore anything Sony related. Either that or his wife cheated on him with someone from Sony. :D

DA_SHREDDER3464d ago

I could understand if it was a shooter third party exclusive, those sell well. But to make a console exclusive rpg game you have to make sure there is a base. Everyone who buys Squeenix games has a ps3. They are just waiting. I dont think Squeenix understands that though.

BTW, I got a feeling that WKC is gonna sell better then expected because everyone who owns a ps3 is waiting for that must have jrpg.

maxx12233464d ago

This may be the case, or at least better than expected. I know a few people(me included) that have imported the Asian Demon Souls(great game, almost nads kicking hard, but very enjoyable) to address the specific lack of jrpgs on the ps3.

But then again its not that there are NOT jrpgs available, they are just old or "ports" of old games. As much of a fan of the jrpg lineup I am, and how much value the 360 + addon ports are. If a company is gonna make me wait a year because of an exclusive contract, they they are going to wait even longer for my money as I might as well buy it once it hits the bargain bin at my local target or used at gamestop.