Joystiq Review: Infamous

Joystiq writes: Okay, right at the top, let's get this out of the way -- electricity control is a terrible superpower. Sure, it's flashy, and makes for a great video game mechanic, but any crime fighter who could easily be bested by Dry Rubber Shoes Man simply shouldn't be tasked with the vigilant protection of a city and its inhabitants.

Despite this obvious weakness, Sucker Punch's open-world action opus, inFamous, has a lot going for it. Rather than tumbling into the pitfalls often visited by sandbox action games (too repetitive, poorly balanced difficulty, no sense of direction, non-existent story), it takes the road less traveled, exhibiting an extraordinary amount of polish and attention to detail.

As a result, Sucker Punch has crafted a game that I feel comfortable labeling "the greatest superhero game I've ever played."

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Keith Olbermann4068d ago

and i will own my copy in six short days.

HighDefinition4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

That was pretty positive for a Joystiq review.

Who ever doubted Suckerpunch is a insane.

Team Ico and Suckerpunch have so much talent it`s disgusting, and it`s ridiculous they aren`t more recognize.

BLuKhaos4068d ago

It's not ridiculous that they aren't more recognized it's disgusting and downright inhuman.

Why o why4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

about 25% in, it really gets better when your powers are upgraded. graphically the 1st uncharted has this beat though but then uncharted doesnt have the same scale (obviously) so i suppose its a tradeoff but its the best looking sandbox game out...period. It would interesting to see what some of sony's other internal mates could do in the sandbox genre

ha ha ;)

HighDefinition4068d ago

"playing now"

Don`t remind me.


pain777pas4068d ago

We all knew that this was going to be a sleeper hit. This is what suckerpunch needs to get some serious deserved sales off this game and whenever I see the word polished in a review I really feel good about a game. I cannot wait to play the demo this week and the full game next week.

ThanatosDMC4068d ago

What's the main character's name? Anyway, that guy has nothing on Strawhat Luffy! 10 years of One Piece... damn, i wasted a lot of my life with one anime.

What else can beat someone jacked up with electricity powers? Only a rubber man, right?

shawnsl654068d ago

imagine future sandbox game with GREATER/Better THAN mgs4's graphic. *drools*

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kharma454068d ago

Says it all really, this is going to be a must-buy game for the PS3.

raztad4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

inFAMOUS is kicking serious ass. I never doubted Sucker Punch and they delivered this awesome game.


"Rather than tumbling into the pitfalls often visited by sandbox action games (too repetitive, poorly balanced difficulty, no sense of direction, non-existent story), it takes the road less traveled, exhibiting an extraordinary amount of polish and attention to detail."

says it all. Already preordered.

BTW, open demo comes tomorrow.

kharma454068d ago

I've been playing the demo for a while now and it is great, it's got the sort of climbing mechanics I feel Assassins Creed should've had, they're almost flawless.

FragMnTagM4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )


raztad4068d ago

I'm glad your having a great time with the demo, but you should put it to rest and save some excitement for the full game that is just around the corner. :D

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SL1M DADDY4068d ago

You just can't add much more to a sentance like that. This is a must buy for those who love games, especially open world, super hero games.

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antt34068d ago

I sort of like that they don't give an arbitrary score to their review (is this normal for Joystiq? I've never read a review there...)

They lay it out for you and let you make your decision based on what they *say.*

butterfinger4068d ago

Joystiq usually doesn't give a numerical score. I can really respect reviews without scores, because the scores are so subjective. For example: 8 is a score people gripe about a lot, but isn't 8 a good score still? To some people it isn't a very good score for certain games. I also like reading Play's reviews as well.

cereal_killa4068d ago

That's the way all reviews should be NO SCORES, there just flame bait for week pathetic fanboys who just want to hear the console they hate fail. If we eliminate all review scores completely loser fanboys would have nothing to compare to when trying to convince themselves (besides sales of course) that one review score higher proves there game is better.

Traveler4068d ago

Yeah, take the Gameplayer review of this game. They say all these great things about the game and the only real negative they expressed was that they thought the graphics engine lacked a little polish. Then they slap an 8.5 on it. Very inconsistent.

I really don't like numerical review scores. If a gamer is too lazy to read the review and use that to decide whether they think they would like the game, then what's the point?

antt34068d ago

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Agreed across the board. That's the problem i have with most reviews I read. I get a certain impression from the written article, and then i see the score, and 9 times out of 10, I can't figure out why they scored it the way they did.

I'll have to add Joystiq to my bookmarks.

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