Achievements: Prototype has just published the achievement list for Prototype.

The game features 40 achievements and will reward you with the usual 1000 points.

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MGOelite3439d ago

these look pretty good actually i hope trophys are identicle

Covenant3439d ago

Interested in this game...could breakup an otherwise dreary summer.

And the cheevys look like they're pretty straightforward. Multiple playthroughs seem likely.

adriano9993439d ago

lol @ "Trail of Corpses" 1 kill more than the "Zombie Genocidest" achievement in Left4Dead.

GiantEnemyCrab3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Which was just 1 more than Dead Risings Zombie Genocide achievement which was one less on Gear's "Seriously" achievement.

I might be wrong on the numbers but I know they've all kinda played this achievement off each other.. funny and good stuff.

DecayingMadness3439d ago

I saw this too that is so evil. Although I bet this acheivement is easiest to get in L4D since there are just waves upon waves of zombies.

Turbo Teddy3439d ago

yeah.. Im seriously starting to consider this game, its look like that they are paying attention to the details.. Nice

LeonSKennedy4Life3439d ago

This game is gonna be so good...

(I really hope you guys don't think I'm serious.)

dericb113439d ago

Maybe it will be good. Infamous is a hit with media so it will sale good. I have $40 on that. Not that I own a 360 but this may be the sandbox game they play while we play Infamous. And the cool part is that if its good PS3 owner get both.

Panthers3439d ago

I plan on playing both.

Cajun Chicken3439d ago

I think it will actually be good, picking up both on PS3.

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