Project Trico, in-depth analysis

NowGamer: Firstly, let NowGamer just confirm that the Project Trico footage recently released is real. We know this because our own journalists from Imagine Publishing had seen it well over a year ago (albeit an extended cut), but were prevented from talking about it. But what does the trailer all mean and, being over a year old, will it really represent the final product?

The Ico Universe

Project Trico is clearly set in the Ico universe, the architecture, tone, and the boy's costume all indicate this. In fact we'll go one step further and say the footage shows the very same castle complex featured in Ico. Cast your minds back to the start of the original game. After Ico breaks free of his stone tomb he walks into a giant room with a chain protruding from a hole in a stone floor, which looks almost identical to the chain shown at the beginning of the footage. Could Team Ico's next game be a prequel to Ico?

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cmrbe3438d ago

What i also know for sure is TeamICO will pull my heart strings like they did with ICO and SOTC. Man. I just love the music in the trailer. I think its better than the SOTC theme.

SolidAhmed3438d ago

it is to early to make assumptions about the soundtrack but i am sure it will be epic but the question is can it surpass SOTC soundtrack ? in my opinion it is close to impossible but i pry god to prove me wrong.

- Ghost of Sparta -3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

The music in the trailer isn't from the game. The track is from an old movie called "Miller's Crossing", released in the 90's. I think the soundtrack for "Project Trico" will sound much better, overall. I'd be shocked if it can top Shadow of the Colossus.

SolidAhmed3438d ago

i agree with most of the analysis specially the story analysis.
but he forgot to mention the beast is shown attacked by the guards. and clearly we will see the beast wounded by guardian arrows.

i think and i hope that escaping from the castle is a part of the story.

mindedone3438d ago

but neither were any of the other games. It wasn't the graphics but the art style and atmosphere that pulled you in.

Dipso3438d ago

The other games beauty was certainly in the art style and atmosphere. But SOTC was a pretty spectacular PS2 game from a technical point of view also.

bunbun7773438d ago

i always thought SotC pushed the ps2 quite hard--

this game --- i watched the trailer and my eyes started watering-- what is going on? The power of ICO... get ready if you dont know how good the first two games were, get ready for a ride~

Get Ready for Trico

- Ghost of Sparta -3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Really? I don't think anyone's complaining actually. Most of the people who saw the leaked trailer already know that the whole thing was put together nearly two years ago, and then shown behind closed doors last year.

And SOTC wasn't a graphical powerhouse? I beg to differ. Some of you tend to forget the scale of the game. I'm surprised the PS2 was even able to run it.

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