Tony Hawk Ride not necessarily 360 exclusive in UK

Activision's Tony Hawk Ride could be exclusive to the Xbox 360 in the UK.

Activision has made it clear that an exclusivity deal has yet to be finalised. Although talks are ongoing with Microsoft, the game still might release for all platforms in the UK.

Activision points all to their previous announcement, which lists the game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

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Arsenal4Ever4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I don't like this :(

Yes I edited my comment because I didnt look at the big picture.

techie4070d ago

Well that's a big lie. They've brought a lot to the gaming industry. For a start they've made Sony try harder and stop being arrogant.

Arsenal4Ever4070d ago

ok yeah I overexaggerated. But I wanted to play this game without importing it from the US. :(

techie4070d ago

Just import it from Ireland.

FamilyGuy4070d ago

M$ shouldn't even waste their money on a deal like this, PS3 games are region free. They need to get that through their heads and stop wasting money on partial exclusivity deals and start spending it on actual games.

If this goes through it will only increase sales of the ps3 version in the U.S. because of all the import sales. Something almost every PS3 gamer will do this gen is import at least one game and once they've done it it'll be like a gateway drug, you'll star to see titles overseas and think "Why not?"

Demons Souls.

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Dead_Cell4070d ago

The fact that they're breaking up the market and buying exclusives to different regions is pointless.
It's in the same vein as Final Fantasy,but that blow is softened by nobody in Japan buying 360's anyway.
The fact that companies will stoop to these levels just to get one up over the competition pisses me off,it's gamers who suffer and nobody else.

TheTwelve4070d ago

Remember that PS3 is region free. If PS3 owners truly want this game, they can import it no prob.


dericb114070d ago

Your right on so many levels. The truth about Sony deal is that it helped the game release over there. Did everyone forget Atari shut down in Europe. Now MS going to one of the biggest publishers in the world is the same. Its not. MS is pulling a BS deal to screw Wii and PS3 owners.

rickybadman4070d ago

Sony just did the same thing with Ghostbusters.

Dead_Cell4070d ago

That's a timed exclusive.

techie4070d ago

Well it's different because there's no-one to publish Ghostbusters in Europe. Atari Europe no longer it wouldn't ahve hit its release date unless Sony decided to publish the game. Plus Sony is taking all the risk with the publishing (costs lots of money) whereas Activision will be publishing Ride.

pwnsause4070d ago

"Sony just did the same thing with Ghostbusters."

And why do you think they did that?

1. Atari was moving out of Europe No Money=Problems, they had no one else for someone to publish it to except for sony.

2.The Ghostbusters IP in General is Sony Pictures Property, hence it makes sense from that point.

sack_boi4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

What about FFXIII? It's PS3 exclusive in Japan and yet I don't see you guys saying phuck Sony.
Same thing with Mirrors Edge and it's exclusive PS3 DLC.

You guys have double standards as usual.

4070d ago
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cmrbe4070d ago

Now we have to deal with region exclsuives as well on top of DLC exclsuives, time-exclusives, demo exclsuives. Freaking hell. Whats next. Theme Song exclsuive?.

I don;t like how MS have given 3rd parties too much power this gen. That fact that Activision is in talks with MS for exclusive in UK is really sad indeed. last gen this sort of crap deals were unheard of.

Smacktard4070d ago

Xbox 360.

Something doesn't add up...

techie4070d ago

Well I think you're confused. Rock Band was timed exclusive in UK.

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