Splinter Cell Conviction Info Coming Today

GOONL!NE: Anybody looking for the first fresh Splinter Cell Conviction info in two years? Today, your gonna get it if the teaser website is anything.

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ape0074061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

to see this game

splinter cell is one of my favorite games ever

best sc game ever is CHAOS THEORY on xbox 1

E3 come fast damnit

too many games from everywhere

this gow3,alan wake,halo odst,Ico2,UNCHARTED 2,gta 4 2nd dlc,the awesome ninja gaiden sigma 2 demo ,nintendo showing more hardcore nintendo stuff,new 3rd party games and hopefully more about DUKE NUKEM and ps3 FW\home updates

happy to be a gamer

KionicWarlord2224061d ago

Yeah chaos theory was amazing . Did you notice how ubisoft is keeping us in suspense ? Ethier way i cant wait for this.

slave2Dcontroller4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Chaos Theory for the Win.

HighDefinition4061d ago

The 1st and Chaos Theory were amazing games.

osamaq4061d ago

I hope they show something today not like the last teaser which didn't show anything

thereapersson4061d ago

Don't forget how amazing the soundtrack to Chaos Theory was. It was composed by none other than the master of abstract electronic compositions himself, Amon Tobin.

Chaos Theory FTW!

locos854061d ago

They ruined this franchise after Chaos Theory. I don't think its going to be the great game we expect.

ShabzS4061d ago

isnt a bad score... its not going to hurt the franchise ... but i am glad they took a breather between da and this...

Tito Jackson4061d ago

Give Me The Full Monty, baby!

PS360PCROCKS4061d ago

I remember I had my PS2 stolen in 2000/2001 by my sister of all people who pawned it, and never had an xbox. Instead of buying a new PS2, I was just angry and gave up playing any videogames. But I remember I saw a commercial in 2004? for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and the graphics made my jaw drop. I went out and bought a new xbox and that game and that's the game that got me back to playing videogames. Fantastic game, amazing graphics back than.

Grown Folks Talk4061d ago

It's my favorite series. I really wouldn't mind an upgraded Chaos Theory like they did with Escape from Butcher Bay.

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Omega44061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

If a trailer is coming pre-E3 that means there will likely be a playable demo at E3, still cant believe this game is finally coming out

HighDefinition4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

For the general public.......

What would make you think that?

Omega44061d ago

No, i meant at the MS press conference

Dave20094061d ago ShowReplies(14)
4061d ago
MoneyMarko4061d ago

Just think how good this game woulda been if developed on ps3...

slave2Dcontroller4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I enjoyed playing All 3 SC's on XBOX1, I really dont see where your going with that. All I want to know is if Sams gonna get all his gadgetry back and lose that civilian ish.

Dave20094061d ago

Open Zone -----> where you belong

HighDefinition4061d ago

Why are you guys so angry at this guy.....

Get over it PS3 exclusive are the technically more impressive games, it doesn`t mean the 360 sucks. PS3 is doing more impressive things. Period.

If you don`t agree w/ that, YOUR the fanboy.

Ausbo4061d ago

look the ps3 has more graphical power than the 360. This should be the case because it is newer tech than the 360. However the ps3 doesn't do anything more than the 360 gameplay-wise. Most people on this site thinks that because halo didn't look like killzone means it sucks which is why fanboys rule this site. I agree however that the ps3 can put out better looking games than the 360 but neither of them have reached their max yet.

On the other hand, splinter cell is a day one buy, as long as it looks interesting.

thereapersson4061d ago

How do graphics = gameplay? Your comment doesn't make any sense. So suddenly because a console can perform at a certain graphical benchmark, that the gameplay of its respective titles will automatically have a respective quality as well?

II Necroplasm II4061d ago

The game is built with the Unreal Engine, it wouldn't be any better as a PS3 exclusive because of that.

thereapersson4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Unreal Engine games have a knack for performing poorly on the PS3. In fact, it takes Epic games themselves to develop a game for the PS3 (Unreal Tournament III) to actually get their engine running at a respectable level of performance. I suppose that says a lot about the engine, doesn't it? Or maybe it just reflects poorly on the development community? Who knows....

@ Ausbo below:

Dude, what are you going on about? It's all about the DEVELOPERS, not the damn console. If a developer that happens to favor a certain system does something on that system, it's fine. But don't go on about how a console somehow magically produces gameplay. That doesn't even make any sense!

II Necroplasm II4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I would think the engine would be the deal with that.

But what I really meant with what I said was that the 360 can do whatever the Unreal Engine can push out for consoles.

Ausbo4061d ago

tell me what the ps3 can do that the 360 can't gameplay-wise.

we all know that the ps3 is more powerful.

HighDefinition4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

It`s called Animations, Making a game look/feel more ALIVE (like Uncharted1/2) does wonders for the gameplay, IMO anyway.

OR Trico is a good example, The 360 hasn`t done ANYTHING like that in Realtime.

Blaze9294061d ago

Lol at you and everyone saying it would've been better on a sony platform. You guys obviously dont know that Tom Clancy and Sony platforms are like oil and water.

JeffGUNZ4061d ago

Really? Microsoft Fluid, Xbox live, and 1 Vs. 100 are not innovative enough for you?

I did not murder him4061d ago

At least we now know the real reasons why all the ps3 fans came in here. Never heard such nonsense will 360 fans ever be able to enjoy 360 news without kids trolling? Folks can't even complement 360 games without mentioning ps3 and it's games. On topic I can't wait for Splinter cell.g

General Pinky4061d ago

Why are they here I don’t know...
When you tell them they are trolling they say we have both consoles...shut the f up with that noobs..
Go to the open zone if you want to talk shi*
Just let us talk about the games that only come on the Xbox..
If it’s a multiplatform than I don’t mine if you talk bullshi*
But not here guys...just stop making SDF look like they all 7 years old babies

I did not murder him4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I find it funny the folks trolling in this "360" room that happens to be about one of xbox's best games can't figure out why people disagree with them lmao. The engine is costum it's not a defacto UR engine expect this game to blow past most games to date.

maxcer4061d ago


"complement 360 games"...?

lol, really, here at N4G? i don't think so.

i can admit there are some really good PS3 games out there but where is the fun in that? besides i don't do the fanboy thing very well.

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