The Secret Of Monkey Island coming to Xbox 360

GamerBytes writes:

"Yes, it's been an awfully long time, but it appears that The Secret Of Monkey Island is coming back, and to the Xbox 360.

The German USK rating board has revealed that The Secret Of Monkey Island - Special Edition is on its way. This was the very original Monkey Island game, from all the way back in 1990. As for what makes it a Special Edition is currently unknown -- could they be re-doing the graphics? Could the game possibly have a voice cast?"

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FreestyleBarnacle3529d ago

They tried to lure me with so much but I think this might be the thing which makes me buy a 360.

Andronix3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

From the very first time I put disk 1 into my Amiga and heard the wonderfully evocative music to the present day whenever I see or hear this game mentioned... The Secret of Monkey Island will be the game that stays in my heart eternally.

This game and its sequel are truly magnificent titles from the adventure game era. Great playability, story, adventure, pirating and the delightful (but feisty) Elaine Marley. The graphics may look a dated now, but at the time they were beautiful, like Street Fighter IV looks now! I always hoped that Ron Gilbert would return to Monkey Island, but re-releasing the game is a great start that gets the game out to a new audience. Who knows, maybe demand for a sequel will grow. Be it Xbox Live, PSN or even Wii Shopping Channel, I will be happy to buy and play this game again and again which ever direction it comes from. This game is 'adventure' in a single package. Oh happy days!

General Pinky3529d ago

Credit to them and developers for this...
Golden days are back people

FreeMonk3529d ago

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!

I had to take my glasses off, wipe them down, and then double check to make sure I read it right!

The Secret of Monkey Island is one of my all time favourite games! I can still remember me and my best friend playing it everyday for 7 weeks during our summer break, beating the game!

Even if they re-release that game with no improvements, I'll buy it. Here's hoping they also get around to releasing the even better sequal Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge, which was even better than the original.

Thank you MS for thinking out of the box.

Kal11383529d ago

It says it's a special edition, so maybe they've made some changes in order for it to work good with the 360 controller...or there's mouse support.

Either way, I'm getting it. It's an awesome game and I hope they release the rest of the Monkey Island games as well. Maybe we'll even see a new one at some point...I hope.

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

Point and Click with new motion cam/controller? That would be INSANE, not to mention bloody innovative.

Kal11383529d ago

I hadn't even thought about that. That would be awesome! Great idea!

silenius3529d ago

what is this game about? i dont even heard of it...

lunaticpanda1013529d ago

well with grammar like that....

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

How do you NOT know this?!?

Information Minister3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

It's one of the best point and click/graphical adventure games ever. Lucasarts truly excelled in that genre back in the 90's. Too bad the genre pretty much died after Grim Fandango. I think the game is available as freeware on the PC (or maybe I'm thinking of the Discworld series). You should try it.

TheMART3529d ago

Hell yeah Monkey Island!

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The story is too old to be commented.