Darksiders - Gameplay Trailer

GT's description: "The demons you've hunted become uneasy allies in the war between heaven and hell."

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LightofDarkness3464d ago

This game actually looks good from what I've seen and read, supposedly it has more in common with Zelda games than DMC/GOW style action games.
However, I'm finding it hard to be excited about this right now because I've just watched the Trico trailer. I can already see the hear-wrenching ending. That creature (Gryphon?) is too cute. What a week for PS3 owners. And it's only Wednesday yet.

cmrbe3464d ago

the TRICO trailer is really hard to top this week. EPIC game.

As for Darksiders. I have been very interested in this game for quite a long time because of the concept.

MiloGarret3464d ago

Could we not talk about TRICO in every thread please? I understand some of you are very excited, but others, like me, seriously couldn't care less because basically nothing of interest to me has been shown.

Darksiders looks really interesting on the other hand, the art direction is really cool, and the action looks intense. I just hope they fix the framerate.

UJUSTLOSTONE3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

this game is going to be worth a play at the very least, I was following really closely as well, and then it disappeared

MAN ITS GOOD TO HAVE A PS3 (trico plugg, lol)

edit: sorry milo, i posted just after you said that

cmrbe3464d ago

is just too damm awsome for some of us to stop talking about it. TRICO!! TICO!! TRICO!!

MH30003464d ago

well lets take a break from trico for a moment and look at this game for what it is...and that would be that this game looks pretty good. the developers say that they were going for a adult version of zelda lol but it does look pretty good thus far. untill GOW3 comes out im sure that this will be a very good fill in...we all know that trico looks good lol but lets not lose sight of the other good titles lol

cmrbe3464d ago

This game and Byonetta has been on my radar for quite a long time. I love the idea of playing as one on the 4 horsemen fighting angels and demons trying to get to the bottom of who set him up.

Cusco3464d ago

I think darksiders will be a solid game, but the combat won't be as good as DMC or bayonetta, though the RPG elements will probably be better. The story seems fleshed out if you watch the dev walkthrough. But considering DMC5 (if it gets announced), Bayonetta, GoW 3, and darksiders all have similar gameplay, it will be a difficult choice which one to get seeing as these games may feel too close in genre to want them all.