PS3Vault Review: UFC 09 Undisputed

PS3Vault: 'I am shocked. When I tried the UFC 09 demo, I went in with relatively low expectations to what I thought was going to be a mediocre experience with shallow gameplay. I was proven wrong, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fighting was deeper than anyone could have expected it to be, it looked almost real, and it was generally brilliant. So I'm shocked that the rest of the game managed to keep the quality going.

It really does. The game runs smoothly, with only an occassional freeze-up for a fraction of a second before it continues. It's not even close to enough to ruin the experience, in fact, it's closer to a niggle than a problem. The fighters look as close to real I've seen before and the detail in them is astounding. Glistening sweat trickles down their bodies, blood splashes on their chest (and glistens), huge cuts open on their face, eyes and lips swell up - it's all sickeningly impressive. The blood that splashes does look a little square-y once it lands on the mat, but that's a small problem, too...'

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CalBearFan4065d ago

Thanks for the review, can't wait to play this one now. I love the fact there's a great tutorial since these games can be hard to figure out at first (or at least for me =)).