Exclusive Xbox 360 cover athletes for Fight Night Round 4

*For Australian Release only*

In a strange (and disturbing) turn of events for EA Sports Fight Night Round 4, the Xbox 360 version will be receiving an 'exclusive' cover athlete. Instead of the international cover image of Muhammad Ali squaring off against Mike Tyson, the Australian Xbox 360 cover art will incorporate Ali vs 'The Man', Anthony Mundine…

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MURKERR3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

this is ridiculous, 360 GAMERS WANT EXCLUSIVE GAMES not artwork

EDIT:lol 360 fanboys are confused they disagree with my comment but then think 'shoot his right we do want exclusive games' DUH

DelbertGrady3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

The game is published by EA, not MS. But hey, let's blame MS for everything as usual. They probably payed $10 million for it, right?

PS3 fanboys seem to be the ones who worry most about 360 exclusives. Unlike yourself I am able to enjoy multiplatform games as well as exclusives. I've been busy playing Wolverine and will pick up UFC as soon as it's released where I live.

skip2mylou3438d ago

u must not understand what he is trying to say huh? he knows that EA makes Fight Night. he is trying to tell MS to invest in more First Party Studios instead of having just 4 or 5.

DelbertGrady3438d ago

He makes it sound as if MS payed for the boxart.

Don't worry about exclusives. Be sure to have the tissues ready when E3 hits.

II Necroplasm II3438d ago

Exclusive Xbox 360 cover for the 360 version while PS3 gets exclusive hats.

ijkabob3438d ago

NO! 360 owners want exclusive boxart!!!

So if 360 has exclusive boxart then doesn't that mean PS3 will also by default? unless the wii has it to.

MURKERR3438d ago

...troll,did i stick up for 360 owners...'yes' you clown

siyrobbo3438d ago

hang on, the 360 gets an exclusive cover, which means that the original cover is only on the ps3 version, which makes it exclusive to ps3 does it not?

Major_Tom3438d ago

Soda was really fast at damage control. /clap

skip2mylou3438d ago

hehe did i hit a sore spot look everyone knows that MS has like 4 or 5 First Party Studios even look it up on google

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Immortal Kaim3438d ago

LOL that is hilarious, I can see the 360 version selling 2-3 copies now...Everyone hates Mundine :)

Superfragilistic3438d ago

This is like putting Michael Vick on the front of Madden post dog fighting.

Everyone hates this guy.

Although maybe it's a brilliant move... because there's plenty of Aussies that'd like to smash the crap out of Mundine! lol

I know I'd pay to do it. ;)

Immortal Kaim3438d ago

I think you may be right mate. 'The Man' has made a living by being 'hated', I guess he is the one laughing all the way to the bank.

p.s Agree, I will pay top dollar to smash him :)

Marojado3438d ago

haha, the Michael Vick boxart would be awesome...

GrathiusXR3438d ago

but just goes to show that Mundine has done all the right things to get where he has now even though many hate him..

Guess i need to start being the bad guy in somethign and get to the top :D

Forrest Gump3438d ago

Worst exclusive of the Century.

Jamie Foxx3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

they try to pretend 3rd party games are their exclusives ...its quite comical, 'exclusive artwork' wow

Game13a13y3438d ago

may be the next thing MS will come up with is 'exclusive manuals' lol...

J-Train3438d ago

so not everyone. wouldnt make me buy it though

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