DJ Hero First Tracks Announced

The first tracks that will be appearing in DJ Hero have been announced by Activision.

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Dir_en_grey3442d ago

So are they ripping off beatmania now after guitarfreaks, drummania, and karaoke revolution?

KwietStorm3442d ago

I was hoping for more hiphop tracks in a damn DJ game. What's all this rock and alternative crap. I know it's going to be mixed in, but judging by this small sample list, they barely sprinkled any hiphop in there at all.

Myst3441d ago

Please have some trance tracks, I know armin gets his own game on the Wii, but hoping that this will have some of his tracks as well as some others from other DJs in the electronica genre *cough* daftpunk *cough*

Renewman3441d ago

WTF Armin van Buren is getting his own Wii game? I need a link to this information.

Skerj3441d ago

I love Shadow and all, but this game has NOTHING on Crackin' DJ. Sega nailed the DJ game with probably one of the most authentic music experiences a game could get outside of Guitar Rising. Video is attached so you can see, it looks like legitimate turntablism at first glance.