The Daily Grind: Short Or Long Quest Arcs?

It almost seems like long quest arcs involving lots of time (and grinding) are becoming something of an endangered species. Games that have long time-requirements to complete them are often sparsely populated (as per Beau's mention of Final Fantasy XI) compared to many other MMOs on the market these days.

Thus, Massively raises the question - are long quest arcs full of "grind for x drop" "must complete with a group" "run all over the place for a while fetching things" slated to go the way of the dodo, with players instead opting for quick bite-sized missions instead? Or do you think longer quests are better, as they require you to get out into the world more and see/do things you wouldn't if you just ran outside the five-feet-away gates and knocked over 10 wolves for their paws then ran back?

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