New Need for Speed: Shift Gameplay Emerges

GOONL!NE: Some new footage has emerged of Need for Speed Shift.

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DelbertGrady4073d ago

Looks awesome. The way the hud moves and reacts to bumps in the road etc is really cool. And it looks like they've nailed the sense of speed as well. Shame you couldn't hear the engine sound in the video.

UnSelf4073d ago

not bad
i mean nuttin ill buy
but not bad
@2: Stop bein a fantoy, of course GT5 is goin to blow it out, but cmon its jus a game, give it a chance

trancefreak4073d ago

hope they revive the n4speed series soda pop need for speed use to be top notch.

DelbertGrady4073d ago

I hope they do too. I loved the first ones (except for NFS 2 which was horrible). I'm pretty sure this will be good, it's being developed by a great team.

lol @ disagrees from insecure GT fanboys.

Rock Bottom4073d ago

That is not a simulation game, that was an arcade racer dressed in a GT/Fruza/GRID outfit, EA should either fix the whole gameplay or stops promoting this as simulation racer.

Perkel4073d ago

grid is also arcade racer

Redempteur4073d ago

nice video ..
definitly an arcade game reminded me of ridge racer.
but they have work to do ..i don't like the way the collision with others cars are handled ...

FragMnTagM4073d ago

That guy playing is horrible. I am not sure if he is just trying to show what it looks like when you crash, or if he really is that bad of a driver.

rockleex4072d ago

But the physics seem to match Grid more than Gran Turismo or Forza.

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The General4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Looks like a cartoon compared to Gran Turismo Prologue. Can't wait til Gran Turismo 5 comes out and blows all racing games out the water. This E3 is going to be awesome for PS3 owners. Can't Wait!!!

Did you see that ICO/ Trico game trailer???? - To die for.

onijutsu4073d ago

open zone ------>

on topic, seems pretty good, i like the way how the whole car moves when you change a gear that is pretty good.

Gameplay seems a lot like granturismo, i.e. using other car's brakes lol...

Some people do it not everyone lol...

Don't see why i should go for this instead of granturismo though

free2game3654073d ago

Man you fanboys really latch on to Gran Turismo way too much. The company who did this made the highest rated PC racing sim in the past 5 years. They know what they're doing, and without assists this is supposed to be even more realistic than GTR2. Which would make it the most realistic racer available. These guys have been doing sims for awhile. Just because there isn't a million cars doesn't make the game bad. I mean hell, almost all of the cars in Gran Turismo are street cars. Who really wants to race a street car when you could have one tuned for racing, and not have to grind away for 20+ hours to get anything near racing class.

onijutsu4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )


lonz3544073d ago

wow your an hater lol and the ico/trico trailer looked ok but "to die for" lmao fanboys

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4073d ago

It may not look as good as Gran Tismo but the games got balls for even attempting.

DelbertGrady4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

“We don’t pretend to compete with Gran Turismo for technological achievement as well as what I would call a ‘driving simulator’,” said the developer. “That’s not the fun angle we’re going after.”

“We’re going after… what it means to be in a race, in a grid of hard competitors who will battle for position, and who will make the organic nature of the race more about performing at that level and less about the challenge of driving in a straight line.”

Despite wanting to offer something different to GT, however, Abney said Shift is paying close attention to Polyphony’s work.

“For us we look at games like GT, Forza 2 and GRiD as the high water mark,” he added.

Vegeta884073d ago

After playing lots of gran turismo this game seems wrong. I am in love with my prologe of gran turismo 5, cant wait for the real deal. But i am glad that need for speed made some great changes to the nfs series.

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