Tents And Sniper Rifles: OXCGN Looks At The Legitimacy Of Camping


"How often have you been running for that all important flag capture or lining up that perfect kill, when out of nowhere, a gunshot echoes across the landscape?

Next thing you know, the camera pans out to view your dead body and the screen is annoyingly telling you that xXUBeRFIghT3RXx* just delivered a headshot and is now in the lead."

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REALgamer3441d ago

But spawn-camping is a different story. For games that have set team spawn-points if there's some members of the opposing team just standing there killing anyone respawning then there's a serious problem.

Superfragilistic3441d ago

I f'n hate spawn campers. Got no problem with normal camping though as that's merely part of game strategy.

At the end of the day if a player is exploiting a game's design to the detriment of fun gameplay, then I think it's much more a reflection on game designers than players who exploit such issues.

gaminoz3441d ago

I really don't like snipers. I'm not the best multi player out there so I tend to run around nervously with a machine gun, hoping to kill others before they catch me. I hardly ever see snipers and just hate suddenly getting dead from afar. I don't mind people who sneak up on me and stab me, because they deserve the kill!

If people memorise a map they can tell where they are, but I don't tend to want to go that full-on.

Rifle-Man3441d ago

Yeah, but man, flushing out a sniper is the most satisfying kill ever.

I love sitting underneath the window where they can't see me so I can just see the barrel of their rifle sticking out above me and cooking a grenade just right so it blows up in their face as soon as it reaches their height.

F'ing awesome.

XboxOZ3603441d ago

Man, that is SO mean, but SO COOL heheheheheh

DO more of it mate . . . ;-)

XboxOZ3603441d ago

I had a marksman's degree in riflery once, it was cool picking the heads of things from long distances . . .

Godem3441d ago

snipers and stealth people in games are fine to camp, its what they are meant to do..

its a little more annoying when someone with a shotgun camps around a corner though...

Immortal Kaim3441d ago

Agree with most above. Camping (ie finding a suitable place to snipe from) is fine, but spawn camping totally destroys the fun of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.