Bethesda Robbing Interplay Blind?

Fallout 3 was initially under development by Black Isle Studios, owned by Interplay Entertainment, under the title Van Buren. Interplay Entertainment went bankrupt and closed Black Isle Studios before completion; the license to develop Fallout 3 was sold to Bethesda in 2004. Five years and Millions of dollars later Bethesda is sitting pretty with the Fallout license and doing everything in its power to screw over Interplay and prevent them from ever getting their hands on it again.

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Odion3490d ago

Those requirements look perfectly fine

No single player or offline mode in any way.- Its an MMO so thats not a problem

Must be for PC or Mac only, no ports to console whatesoever.- This could be so Interplay couldn't argue for more time because of the number of places the game would be going to.

Minimum of 10,000 monthly subscribers.- This is super super low, if they couldn't do this then the MMO would die anyways

Furthermore, Interplay must enter "full-scale" development of the MMO with a minimum of $30 million in funding by two years from the signing of the agreement, or it immediately forfeits its rights to the license- If you couldn't get something together in 2 years, then give it to someone who can

Interplay may not sublicense any part of MMO development without Bethesda's approval.- They want to maintain control of whats being developer

The MMO "must meet or exceed such quality standards as may be set by Bethesda from time to time" in order for Interplay to remain in good standing, and Bethesda has the right to inspect Interplay's offices and development progress at any time during normal business hours provided two days' notice is given.- Another good one, they don't want Interplay coming out with a bad MMO, and tarish the brand name

The company must launch the game in North America and Europe within four years of that development commencement date, with the potential for a one-year extension if development is progressing adequately, giving the game a final release date limit of April 9, 2014- Again perfectly resonable

Polluted3490d ago

The requirements placed on Interplay are totally reasonable, as Odion said above. Also, the article calls Bethesda (or their parent company) out for their sleazy license acquisition techniques. Guess buying the license for just short of $6 million was sleazy of them?

DRUDOG3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Didn't hear Interplay b!tching about that money so they could stay solvent. They had to sell the license just to keep their company alive and now they have a chance to do something with an incredible IP that they created. From my understanding this was the plan from the beginning. Hopefully they'll do well and we'll see some other great Interplay IPs like Earthworm Jim.

Edit: @Cajun, love to see some more MDK. Never played 2, but I played the hell out of 1 on my old a$$ acer computer back in the day.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Also working on MDK3 apparently.

EDIT: Well, Interplay did say they'd be working on sequels for EWJ, MDK and Descent franchise.
- There ye go, EWJ4 is happening, I wouldn't be surprised if MDK3 is happening too.

MDK2 is pretty good, not half as good as the original conceptually, but quite a good sequel. Should try it, still as wacky, if not more odd.

Polluted3490d ago

That's cool. I'd rather see a nice 2d game on PSN/Live than another 3d Earthworm Jim. That series just wasn't designed for three dimensions imo.

As for MDK, I loved the original, but that sequel lost a lot of what made the first one so great. Hopefully they ditch the sections with the scientist and the dog if they make a third and go back to basics.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago

Definitely should ditch Doc sections, annoyed me to hell, I liked the Max sections though, the next one could be co-op maybe, so you could choose Kurt or Max, I'd like that. I am more a Kurt Hectic person though, the coil suit freaking rocks and is easily the best looking costume for a videogame character.

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YeOldeGamer3490d ago

1.) They took the money.

2.) They signed the agreement, as it was.

Interplay needs to STFU, and get back to work.

deadlyliquidx3490d ago

the animations in the game are horrible, im selling it on ebay if anyone wants to buy it.
i beat it completeing most of the side quests and it left me unsatisfied, like a virgin who doesent no how to not use teeth when going down on you.

kaveti66163490d ago

That's really annoying. Judging from your profile, you seem like a new user and are already being ignored by 8 users. Stop being a douche. Stop using that word.

Jadaking3490d ago

I'm glad Bethesda has the Fallout licence. The other two games are utter crap in my opinion compared to Fallout 3. Hey once you sell something it ain't yours no more so stop complain like a baby and move on with your life.

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