PSN Game Rental Service for PSP

PlayStation has sent another survey, and this time is focused exclusively for PSP users hinting at game rental sevice

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Cajun Chicken4075d ago

Now that is actually a very interesting concept, not to say I would as I prefer owning my games, but never the less, great idea!

menoyou4075d ago

that would be amazing.

Dragun6194075d ago

You what Sony should really do for the PSP since they already implemented PSN with PSP?

Integrate The Trophy System with the PSP then do the Game Rental Service as it would work great with trophy whores who prefer renting than buying.

whoelse4075d ago

According to IGN, they have not done that because of the hackers.

fadeawayjae4075d ago

they should really do this for ps3

PotNoodle4075d ago

They couldn't really do that with full retail games, games like MGS4, over 30gb, LittleBigPlanet, Up to 40gb - apparently, resistance 2 - around 25gb.

By the time you have downloaded those games, your rental time would of ran out :p

fadeawayjae4074d ago

yeah i didnt expect it for big games but games like ragdoll kung fu, I wanna rent it to see if its good then buy it if i really wanna keep it

FFXI1014075d ago

It is a very good idea. There aren't many places to rent PSP or DS games, so people have no choice but to either buy a new or a used copy of game.

However, if they do provide this service on PSN, it'll benefit lots PSP owners and they can make profit too.