GamesOnDeck Feature: 'Qualcomm's Mike Yuen'

With the competition to provide the complete mobile gaming experience heating up with Nokia returning with the N-Gage brand, GamesOnDeck talks to Mike Yuen, head of Qualcomm's Gaming Group, about their option, the Brew Gaming Signature Solution.

In this excerpt, Yuen says that the Brew Gaming Signature Solution is truly a 'next-gen' mobile service, moving the handset gaming experience into much more the terrain of the online services offered by recently released consoles:

"It's no longer about "hey, download this application/game to your handset" and that's that; we've built a full service. It's kind of like how on consoles you've got Xbox Live now and it's made this huge difference, that's kind of what we're trying to do on mobile. That's something that we announced last summer..."

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