Top 5 Insane Videogame Computers

1UP writes:

"Damn computers. Yeah, they make most of modern life possible, but hell if it doesn't seem like they're powered by human frustration and misery. We've been writing stories about how automatons will inevitably turn bonkers and kill us all long before we figured out how electricity works, but we had to go and build the things anyway. Honestly, we have it coming at this point.

All right, I'm just annoyed after spending the weekend setting up a home network and trying to get my PCs, laptops, game consoles, handhelds and pacemaker to stop arguing with each other and occasionally catching fire. It didn't work, and honestly, this kind of crap was way the hell more fun when it was confined to works of fiction. Particularly videogames where you could explode the offending hardware at the end."

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