NGamer review scores - First Boom Blox Bash Party review

The first magazine review of Boom Blox Bash Party is in along with Punch-Out!!, Virtua Tennis 2009, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and more.

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Smacktard3440d ago

No doubt that Boom Blox 2 would doo well. Great to see it's been getting good review scores. Same for Punch-Out!!. Even more welcome, however, is the Muramasa review score. It's the first Muramasa review score I've seen, and it's very respectable. I've been really anticipating this game, more than anything else.

2009 isn't being very kind to the wallets of Wii owners. I've gotten MadWorld, Klonoa, and Rune Factory so far, and I'm going to pick up Muramasa, Punch-Out!!, Boom Blox 2, The Conduit, and of course Little King's Story. Might even get some more games if some, like Overlord, turn out to be good.