Exclusive BioShock 2 Multiplayer Screens + Details

lvl2 writes:

"Maybe print is not quite dead just yet. Lot's of magazines have been stumbling these days but PC Gamer has snatched an exclusive first hands on preview for the BioShock 2 multiplayer which will be added to the game despite controversy. The staff of PC Gamer enjoyed a first playthrough of one of Rapture's levels and lived to tell about it."

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KionicWarlord2224062d ago

Oh my gosh...

sounds amazing. I think i might get addicted to this when release. I hope you get to use at least half the plasmids from the game.

from article

It has now been confirmed that the multiplayer of BioShock 2 will be very story driven and take place one year before BioShock. This new mode will explain much of what happened to Rapture and how it became the way it was seen in 2007’s smash hit BioShock. Players will be taking control of regular people who build up the city of rapture and are now partaking in another one of Andrew Ryan’s sick games. A civil war broke out in Rapture and players will become part of it as a Sinclair Solutions tester. As such you will be given standard weapons we’ve seen in the previous BioShock with a few exceptions such as powering plasmids the longer you hold them. Players will have the ability to hack turrets (time, not mini game) to take out the opposition and also use quick melee to get some fast kills. Here are some of the features to be found in BioShock 2:

Play as an original Big Daddy or kill him (he will act as a power-up)
Collect Atom to level up and reveal more story
Power up plasmids for more powerful attacks (fire, ice and electricity)
Game Modes are: Free-For-All, Team Death Match and an undisclosed 3rd mode
Use 3 load-outs to switch weapons during re-spawns
Personalized character
10 player matches
Pre-game menu is a 3D modeled apartment

sounds great.

RonyDean4062d ago

Looking and sounding really good!

Uncle Rico4061d ago

Well it's definitely not disappointing, but considering the nature of Bioshock, I think single player still is the big thing going for it.

mcroddi4061d ago

Check out the forums and discuss - it's on the post!