Dissidia Final Fantasy : Official Website Update

Square Enix has updated it's Dissidia Final Fantasy's American Official Website with new characters and screenshots.
You can check them on Portable RPG.

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deadlyliquidx3492d ago

there inferior to the superior console versions
the only handheld id ever buy is an iphone.
handheld gaming is for low-lives and rapists.
ill stick to my ps3 thank you

blitz06233492d ago

first, people play handhelds cause they're 'handheld'->portable
second, i dont have a clue why you're bashing people who play handhelds here
third, don't you know handheld consoles are almost 99% pirated? buy a PSP and that's all you'd spend to play any game you want. with cheats too.

deadlyliquidx3492d ago

i mean yes there are abilities to allow piracy on both the DS and PSP easily, but i dont think a lotta people know how to or realize this.
Its not as simple as a download from a torrent site is, something i do alot, in fact, if i was able to play ps3 games pirated with no consequences or modding, id gladly do so.

Myst3492d ago

Please prove this with statics from a credible source. As I have both handhelds (PSP and DS) as well as Wii, PS2, and PS3 haven't raped anyone nor will I ever think about doing it to someone. Besides having all the systems I do (counting this laptop I'm typing on now that is pretty much a gaming laptop) I don't think my life is low either; my grades from this semester as well as previous ones can account for this to. Not to mention a scholarship so please provide some sources for this to back up your claims.

Also you do know that if you are away and want to play something on the PS3 the PSP allows this and the PSP is in fact a handheld so it has it's purposes just like every other system on the market.

princejb1343491d ago

you sir are a real sad lowlife
who cares if a portable is inferior to a console, a video game portable/console was made to have fun no matter the power behind the hardware
i enjoy my psp and ds alot doesn't make me any less of a person

but your comment was very low and unacceptable
this comment "handheld gaming is for low-lives and rapists. " is very unacceptable
you are problably one of them low lives and rapist, your trying to bring ppl down to your level

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