Eurogamer: Damnation Review

Even after looking for a glimmer of quality, hoping that there'd be some redeeming feature to balance out this avalanche of weary criticism, Damnation offers little to which to cling. At best, it's a functional third-person platformer that sometimes acts like a shooter. At worst, it's an astonishing collection of poor design decisions, half-hearted implementation and mindless narrative clutter that will only lead to buyer's remorse in all who decide to give it a try.

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s8anicslayer3442d ago

Wow, I thought it was going to be good

- Ghost of Sparta -3442d ago

Unreal Engine 3 + 3/10 = Don't even rent it.

mastiffchild3442d ago

3/10? That's a real review score now isn't it? No beed to read it. No need to think about the incongrous 7/10 people usually give games for safety reasons these days.

No. They didn't much like it and said so. Didn't look like being much cop though, did it? 3/10 that HAS to hurt, makes Haze sound like a masterpiece.

Myst3442d ago

Ouch, I'd still get this game because of the steampunk element, but that 3/10 is sitting pretty heavily on this game. Perhaps I should rent it for a weekend and see how it turns out first..?

ian723442d ago

Was hoping this was going to be good. Nice ideas for a game but 3/10 is very sad. Will have to see more reviews but its not looking too good.

Gambit073442d ago

All that matters is, that chick is hot!

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The story is too old to be commented.