GamesWeasel: Burn Zombie Burn Review

GamesWeasel writes: "Graphically Burn Zombie Burn isn't going to make you glad you bought a PlayStation 3 even if hundreds of zombies on screen at once because sometimes the game suffers in framerate, but for 95% of the time you do get a lovely looking and smooth 1080p experience. Issues aside I like a game which puts charm and comedy into its visuals and Burn Zombie Burn does that. The same can be said for the soundtrack; the cheesy rock and over the top voice acting may very make your dolby surround sound geeks wince but they do the job for me and that's what matters right? If you've been missing some proper hardcore action to rival Geometry Wars or Robotron on the Xbox 360 then Burn Zombie Burn is for you".

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Keith Olbermann3441d ago

when the reviewer starts out by talking smack about the graphics, you got to be suspicious. I thought the graphics were good.