Are Expansions Ruining World of Warcraft?

Despite the overwhelming thumbs up given to Wrath of the Lich King by fans and critics - there are still those who argue that more content from expansions don't always mean more fun - especially if you've got 60 levels to grind through before you can enjoy the new stuff. So GamesRadar decided to check out some of the most common complaints they have seen about the impacts the last few expansions have had on WoW, and looked at how the experience of rolling a new character has changed over the years.

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Myst3491d ago

Generally I think quite a few expansions for many MMOs either make or break the game, and for many it seems to break the game play overall. Example their are a few people who disliked the expansions for Final Fantasy XI and ended up quitting because for one thing it messed up the end-game.

Now being that I only played about a few weeks (maybe 3~4) (total play time) for WoW I don't know if expansions are ruining it, but it's probably leaving a few new players out in the cold maybe? So in a way it may be appealing to a fraction of the core players and leaving the new players with having to grind perhaps.