Console Wrong Turns

That Gaming Site Writes: "Hopefully console manufacturers learn from the their mistakes, here's a short list of poor hardware choices from gaming's past."

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Elven63443d ago

Had Sega not done so many add ons maybe they could still be in this console race with support from both consumers and developers.

Plus odds are Sonic would have been good too! :p

Persistantthug3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

The add ons themselves wasn't the biggest problem, the bigger problem was the ABANDONMENT of their addons and the Saturn. But the "abandonment" wasn't the BIGGEST problem. The biggest problem was the PS2. Dreamcast was doing pretty descent for a while, but lo and behold, Sony's mere mention of the then upcomming PS2 was enough to nearly stop Dreamcast sales right in its tracks. Sega even price dropped it to $150 and eventually $99...but even that didn't help, sadly.

Dreamcast died and Sega abandoned the Dreamcast. :(

pangitkqb3443d ago

Nintendo 64 DD

Now that was silly.

ChickeyCantor3443d ago

Actually you know how much people love OOT right?
N64 DD could have expanded that game, its a shame.

Its just clumsy >_>

Myst3443d ago

Amongst all these I would say that the Sega Saturn was okay for what it was. My sister owned one and don't know if it still works or not, but it was a fun system for what it was back then. Although the controller felt awkward in my hands.

Think the biggest mistake was trying to keep the Genesis alive as much as possible rather than carrying on. It seems similar to a company that leeches off it's best selling franchise and tries to keep it alive for as long as possible.

nightelfmohawk3443d ago

...could you imagine Nintendo and Sony as one giant gaming company? Holy **** that would be epic. :D

nightelfmohawk3443d ago

Nintendo first party games and Sony first party games on the same console? Yes, pl0x.

ChickeyCantor3443d ago

xabmol doesn't like games?!

xabmol3442d ago

I play games like ICO(TRICO OMG!!), GoW, Uncharted, J&D, and MGS. Not Mario #37, Mario Party #12, Zelda #17, Wii Fit, Cooking Mama, or Boom Blox.

The Wii is a toy. PS3 is a gaming console.

I sold my Wii to buy real games.

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JOLLY13443d ago

I wonder why he didn't add faulty hardware to the list. He have wrote how the ps1 hardware went through 5 revisions in less than a year. Then he could have made fun of how the ps2 and the XBOX 360 followed its history or issues to harware.

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