GrE Previews Max & the Magic Marker

Games are Evil writes, "One day Max gets a mysterious orange marker in the mail. He decides to draw a monster. When he's done, the monster jumps off the paper and into the middle of Max' room! The monster then jumps into other drawings in Max's room, messing them up and creating havoc. Max realizes that he now needs to follow the monster to set everything right again."

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CrAppleton3491d ago

game looks pretty crazy.. I can't wait to see more

Neco5123491d ago

looks hard to control the pencil er, marker I mean

roblef3491d ago

Yeah, I'm not sold on precision control with the Wii remote. World of Goo got it right. We'll see how this one works.

CrAppleton3491d ago

I like the idea of drawing pieces to solve puzzles.. looks awesome

supercharger51503491d ago

I love that part! It sort of reminds me of World of Goo, a game I loved. Really simple controls just using the Wii remote to draw.

Neco5123491d ago

World of Goo? I should check that one out too

supercharger51503491d ago

Yes... you should have checked it out about 5 months ago.

deadlyliquidx3491d ago

i downloaded a pirated copy for PC, it was pretty fun

P.S. fanboys digust me
sometimes im sick to my stomach seeing how big of a fanboys my fellow cows are.

PSn: Deadlyliquidx
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supercharger51503491d ago

wth dude, there is no fanboy ism happening here, just talking about the controls on one certain game. Chill.

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killyourfm3491d ago

Note to Wii devs: More like this, please. Keep taking advantage of the Wii control system, not exploiting it for stupid little waggle games.

I say kudos, I'll have to check this one out. Will it be similar to Drawn To Life?

Neco5123491d ago

looks like it! I can't wait to give it a test run!

supercharger51503491d ago

I think this will be deceptively hard.

Shnazzyone3491d ago

Another sweet game heading our way that hd gamers will ignore because it is:

A. "too kiddy" or B. they suck at 2-d sidescrolling games or C. Looks like it might be fun and you don't have to kill people (AKA "too kiddy")

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