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Does Recent APB News Confirm Big Microsoft Rumors?

The Koalition - There's been big talk about this game especially on this site. Realtime Worlds revealed exclusively to the fan site APB-Evolved they would be in attendance at E3. They also released a brand new in game screenshot (below). But wait, there's more. A few weeks back a mysterious guy on twitter by the name of GameFork revealed that APB would be at E3 weeks before today. Could this guy's rumors be real or complete bull? He also drops a few other big gems as well.

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Green Lantern23492d ago

I can't wait for E3 MS gonna surprise all the haters.

cranium3492d ago

Just like last year, right?

WhittO3492d ago

everyone knows MS is going to have a suprise, thats why they are hating.

MS just buy/steal another big exclusive and that seems to be the highlight of their conference and will make up for the huge lack of exclusives this year.

If MS came up with a brand new ip that looked really amazing and got everyone excited, that would be great, but they dont..

II Necroplasm II3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Oh really so they don't? Who told you?

Thanks for the info!

ShabzS3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

honestly i'm not that interested in apb... i'm sure some are but i'm really not that into mmos... and like you saw in the article who ever that guy was that twittered the ''announcements'' one of the predicted announcement was an mgs 4 Oxide for 360.. but kojima debunked that rumor the very next day... so did aron greenberg.. maybe this is just a conincidence that it came true ...

as of now the microsoft e3 shows are crack down 2, forza 3, splinter cell, odst, apb and alan wake.. its pretty good .. wat else?

DelbertGrady3491d ago

I'm pretty confident they will reveal Alan Wake.

General Pinky3491d ago

When the Microsoft press conference started was on i was at the edge of my seat for the entire show...but when the Sony one started I was like man...they suck...but MAG was the only good thing they had...but come June it’s going to be big for both...but microsoft has the upper hand as they did not show any of their games for the pass year..

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Arsenic133492d ago

Gamefork was right about one thing. Not very much but right. Also It may seem super unreliable coming from a random twitter but MGS4O seemed to elaborate and creative to be made up by some random person.

SuperM3492d ago

Not very hard to guess that APB would be at E3. He also said it looked like a GTA killer. I dont believe that.

GiantEnemyCrab3492d ago

For their Games for Windows, which they already came out and said they don't plan on making much if any announcements.

RTW have talked as much about the 360 version as they have the PS3 version.

This game is a PC game as far as anyone should be concerned about. IF that's Big MS rumors then sure.. Just nothing to do with Xbox 360.

DelbertGrady3491d ago

It's coming to the 360 sooner or later. They have experience working on the 360 from before. The game is built on Unreal Engine. It was first announced as a 360/PC game at E32006.

deadlyliquidx3492d ago

i wish i had a 360, but id rather have a ps3 than that anyday.
i dunno what i am but i like candy.

PotNoodle3492d ago

Don't worry, they have said a few times - if they decide to do a console version or when they do a console version, both a PS3 version and 360 version will be done..

I'm not sure where this thing about it being xbox exclusive came from, unless i just missed the news.

free2game3653492d ago

This is a PC led game. Microsoft doesn't want those.

mastiffchild3492d ago

Well, the apparent desire last year to stop any chance of Gears2 following the first game to PC(and therefore making the game less exclusive on the 360)is evindence that mindset DOES exist.

I played the first on PC after the 360 version(for the extra content IIRC)and thought it was slightly better looking but nothing that meant I'd go for the PC version over it in the future yet MS do seem to want some franchises to be 360 only a la PS3 exclusives. Despite this I know a couple of PC heads that are feeling MS let them down once they knew for sure they had a franchise that could sell consoles-but hey, this is a business and that's their choice.

However, this is a different story-PC gamers are used to pay to play for MMOs, would people be so willing on top of their Live sub? Will an MMO do well on console full stop? The game HAs to be PC led and I can't see this going to 360 at the same time as the PC gets it. Plus they always said they'd also make a PS version as well if it came to consoles. It would run the risk of being a very big flop if released solely for the 360 because of the above reasons, imo, otherwise MS might well have fancied tying another game to 360-they know big games sell their console with Halo and Gears being the obvious models for this but, again, they only went that route with Gears after they knew it was big-APB is nothing but full of promise right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.