Legacy of Live Action

Koku Gamer writes: "The tendency for games to branch out into many other forms of art is expected. However, it is often the short, cinematic (and often fan-made) material that makes the biggest impact. Here are just a few live action recreations every gamer should know about…"

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Cinotix4071d ago

Good article. The Halo marketing piece was something truly special.

Nathan V4071d ago

Awesome article. The Purchase Brothers did a seriously good job with the Live Action Half Life 2, aswell as the Halo one that gave me goosebumps watching it. Cant wait for another episode of Half Life 2! I have not watched the Stalker or Fear one, I will give them a YouTube now.

Icemael4071d ago

Good article, I’m gonna check these out.

Cinotix4071d ago

Yea, most games do look at film when the development begins.

Xeall4071d ago

I like the idea, good to let fans know what efforts some people go to

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