Games Xtreme: Killing Floor Review

Killing Floor shows its age but still manages to deliver a fun and frenetic experience for numerous players. It's not going to be up there on any Game of the Year Awards but it's certainly well priced from Steam and worth picking up as an alternative team based cooperative shooter.

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Charlie26883438d ago

Good to see a review of this game, i've got interested in it after a good amount of my friends on Xfire are playing it

xlx-russ_923438d ago

im getting this game this friday. Steam 4ever.

lucifon3438d ago

Absolutely awesome game. Honestly enjoying it more than L4D by quite a large amount. 6 Player coop really helps when getting a group together. We have a Vent server which adds to the experience alot. Its super difficult but really rewarding. Check it out :)