Aliens Invade Fallout 3: First Interview on new Fallout 3 DLC

IGN Writes:

" on for IGN's exclusive first interview with Todd Howard, Game Director for Fallout 3, that dives into more details on the newly announced add-ons as well as extra details on the port to PS3.

IGN: Was the eventual PlayStation 3 release for the existing DLC always in the works, or was it something that came up after the fact?

Todd Howard: We always wanted to do it, but until it actually looks like it will happen, we don't want to make promises. We've been working on it and they aren't done yet so it's going to take time for each DLC to be moved over to the PS3 and work well. As a result there will still be a month or so gap between each one once they start hitting on the PS3."

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Arsenic133805d ago

They are doing really well with Fallout. Im hoping TES5 will get the same treatment. Where or where is it?

Superted20073805d ago

good interview, not very revealing but then again I wasnt expecting it to be! But:

"It's mostly the workload on us. Based on our Oblivion experience, it was clear that Xbox users were much more comfortable buying content, by a wide margin."

BY A WIDE MARGIN? Well dats kinda bullshit since they only had the one bit of 30 dollar oblivion dlc on the PSN(and only in some countries) so wat the hell are they trying to compare the sales to?