Source Reveals Specs And Release Date of Next iPhone

Rob of writes:

"Recently we were approached by a source who is closely connected to Apple's hardware development team. The source was willing to provide detailed information on the specs and release date of the next generation iPhone.

We have checked the source's credentials to the best of our ability and at this point deem the source as reputable. Of course we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the source's claims since Apple will neither confirm nor deny any future product releases, including if a new phone will even be released! Many of the specifics proposed by our source have been discussed in recent weeks, but many intriguing details revealed by the source have yet to be reported."

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DJ3443d ago

And Apple has raised the iPhone processor speed before, so nothing new here. Just the amount that they sped it up by. The increase in RAM is good, but worrisome considering how many iPhones are already on the market.

A lot of old owners are going to get left in the dust when it comes to new Apps and Games.

richie007bond3442d ago

I wont be very happy after forking out for a iphone 3g if new apps or games are not compatible with older generations, Apple will have to think hard to avoid upsetting its already large user base.

JustinSaneV23442d ago

Or they know most people will upgrade because of the "OMG IT'S A NEW APPLE PRODUCT!!!" factor.